Part 873 – Yes! Isellta Gets A Shower Scene! And Incandesca Is Plotting Stuff.

Ambrose released her before he could go into a blood high. He licked his lips and ran his tongue all over his teeth, searching for any last drops.

Barbara quietly rubbed her wrist.

He stopped. “I’m sorry. I tried to take only what I needed. I tried to be good. It wasn’t easy, but…”

She smiled at him, but there was pain in her eyes.

His heart dropped. “I hurt you.”

She cried quietly.

He hugged her. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have. I knew it. I knew it!”

“It’s okay, Ambrose.” she said in a tear-choked voice. “I’m okay.” She rubbed her hands on his back. “I just…I guess I kind of forgot how much it hurts.”

“What can I do?”

She sniffled. “Just keep holding me.”

He held her closer and let her cry.


Incandesca stood in the middle of the cell.


And waiting.

Ambrose didn’t return.

She could feel the hours tick on by and still he didn’t return.


She tried to tap the sequence on the invisible wall in front of her.

The door stayed shut.

Nothing happened.

“Of course, it only works on the outside.”  She mentally called out to the nearest vampire.

Fifteen minutes later, Chet came running.

“Master Incandesca? What are you—-”

“Don’t ask questions. Get me out of here.” She reached into her dressing gown to pull out her box of cigarettes.

They weren’t in her pocket.

They were lying on the floor.

She tried to grab them.

Her hand bumped against the invisible wall.

The cigarette box was just inches out of her reach.

She screamed and bashed her fists on the invisible wall.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll let you out. Uhh. What do I do?”

She calmed down. “You are going to kill Mark Caten for me. Lovely Mark Caten. Delicious Mark Caten. Mark Caten who must DIE!” She burst into a fit of maniacal laughter. “And tonight he will die!”

She calmed down again. “But first. Get me out of here.”


Isellta squirted the XxxHolic shampoo into his hand and sniffed it. “Mm! Smells just like Jay.” He tried to flap his wings, but the shower wasn’t wide enough to accommodate his wing span.

He lathered the shampoo in between his hands and scrubbed it into his hair.

Mmm. Feels so good.

He closed his eyes and ducked his head under the shower. The shampoo drifted down his face, neck, and wings in anise and clove scented bubble clumps.

And in his mind he saw himself sitting in the bathtub. Robin sat next to the tub, scrubbing shampoo into Isellta’s hair and rinsing it out with bowls of water.

It was a very innocent, very rated G fantasy, but Isellta wished that it were real. He ran his fingers through his sopping wet hair and imagined them as Robin’s wider, stronger fingers.

Imagining that made him feel like someone had touched his wings just right. He gasped and opened his eyes wide.

Of course, Robin wasn’t there.

Isellta knew that he wouldn’t be there.

But the disappointment stung him all the same.

I shouldn’t have used my magic against Queen Preyuna. It will bounce back at me and hurt Robin. I know.

I know it will.

It is how it is.

It is why fey are not supposed to use magic against their queen.

It always bounces back to the receiver. Those closest to the receiver are the ones who take the impact.

In this case, it will be Robin.

I know it will.

He frowned.

But she chased him away. She knew that I wanted to see him again. She knew how much I wanted to see him again.

And she chased him away.

He won’t come back to me.

Robin won’t come back to me.

I’ll never see him again.

I’ll never be able to tell him, to really tell him, how I feel.

That’s all I want.

I want to tell him ‘I love you’ and I want him to hear it. I don’t want him to have to read my lips. I want him to hear my voice.

I want him to know, to really know, that I love him.

I want him to touch me, to hold me, to kiss me. I want to grab onto him and hold him tight.

He’s mean and ill-tempered and nonsensical, but I can’t feel this way for anyone else. I just can’t.

It’s him.

It’s just him.

He bowed his head.  The water ran down into his eyes and along his cheeks to drip off his chin.

I’ll never see him again.


6 thoughts on “Part 873 – Yes! Isellta Gets A Shower Scene! And Incandesca Is Plotting Stuff.”

    1. I know. I feel so bad for poor Isellta.. I really do want to give him a fair break. But every time I come up with a way for Robin and Isellta to finally get together, things just have to get in their way. But I have something planned for them. It will make me so happy to finally write it. (Won’t say what it is, though. 😆 )

      And yes. He needed to have another shower scene. 😆


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