Part 871 – Ambrose Finds Kevin

Even though it threw his Barbara anxieties all the way to Saturn and back, Ambrose stopped at Kevin’s house first.

The door was wide open.

The scent of rotten garbage polluted the outside air.

Ambrose stopped, mainly because he was officially out of breath.

He isn’t here.

No surprise, but he isn’t here.

Maybe he’s left town.



I need to go to Barbara.



His stomach growled a reminder of its presently empty state of being.

Not now! I need



so hungry

It can wait.

He entered the house.

Kevin’s scent was quickly fading.

Shoot. He isn’t here.

But Ambrose wanted to be sure. Absolutely sure.

He walked up to the werewolf’s bedroom.

The door was a pile of shreds.

Ambrose shuddered and backed away.



can’t touch

can’t go near


No response.

He listened for any sounds.


He isn’t here.



He ran down the stairs and left the house.

He ran across the yard and onto the street.

What if I’m too late?

What if he’s hurt her?

What if he’s shredded her?

What if?

God, please.

Tears fell as he ran.

Please keep her safe. Please.

I don’t want to lose her. I want to marry her. I want to be her husband. I want her to be my wife.




He ran to Barbara’s house.

His lungs were on fire.

His head all ready to explode.

Then, he saw her front door.

It looked just like Kevin’s bedroom door – completely shredded.

His legs trembled.

He could barely walk in a straight line.

He couldn’t breathe at all.

He tripped and stumbled into the house.

The familiar stench of rotten garbage hung heavy and strong.


No response.

Oh, God. Please. Please no. Please.

He closed his eyes.

He wheezed as he tried to call her again.

Barbara!  BARBARA!


He opened his eyes wide in shock. You’re here? You’re here? Barbara, where?

Downstairs in the basement.

I’m coming.

 The door is in the kitchen.

Barbara, I’m coming.

He ran into the kitchen.

And nearly threw up.

The kitchen reeked, absolutely reeked like garbage.

The chairs by the kitchen table burst away from their home base as a medium-sized werewolf with sable markings rushed out.


The werewolf bared his fangs and growled.

Ambrose roared at him.

Kevin’s ears flattened against his head.

“Get out of here, dog.” He extended his claws. “Or I’ll shred your skin off your bones.”

Kevin slunk into a submissive posture.


Kevin darted around him.

“And don’t you dare come back.”

Kevin escaped through the kitchen door.

Ambrose hurried over to the silver-coated basement door.

He pulled it open and made sure to close it.

He ran downstairs.

“Barbara? Barbara?”

He reached the bottom of the stairs. “BARBARA?”

A door on the right side of the unfinished basement opened.

Barbara ran to him. “Ambrose!”

He enveloped her in a hug and completely lost it.

He burst into tears.

His legs gave out on him.

And she held on to him. “Ambrose.”

“You’re okay? Are you…Are you…he didn’t? He didn’t?”

Her hands traveled all over his face and up into his hair.”I tried to call you. You didn’t answer. I was so scared. I thought you were staked.”

“I thought he caught you.”

“I thought Mark Caten stole you away again.”

“I thought I’d never see you again. Barbara. I thought…Oh, Barbara. Just kiss—”

She didn’t even let him finish his sentence.

He closed his eyes and relished the feel of her lips pressed against his lips.

And his world was beautiful again.


2 thoughts on “Part 871 – Ambrose Finds Kevin”

    1. Thank you!

      So, I got a little busy last night. 😆 When I finished this chapter at 3:00 in the morning, I went to bed thinking, “Gee. I hope that all made sense.”

      On a side note: I almost had Kevin recognize Ambrose and get all excited about seeing him again. I thought it would be a nice acknowledgment of Ambrose’s Kevin-sitting and I kind of liked it from that perspective, but it totally killed the dramatic tension. Plus, it was like “Huh? He recognized Ambrose and not Barbara? Ain’t he particular?” 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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