Part 867 – Run, Ambrose! Run!

Ambrose didn’t start running until he was well out of Incandesca’s range of sight. He ran down a long corridor lined with prison cells. Some were basically cages. Others were like his cell: a cement walled room.

He didn’t bother checking to see who or what she was holding captive.

He had only one thought in his mind: Escape.

I need to escape.

I don’t want to go back.

I can’t go back.

I will not go back to that hell.

If they want me back there, they’ll have to physically drag me back.

A staircase.

It stood at the end of the hall.

It led upwards.

He pushed himself to run faster and faster and faster before the staircase could disappear.



I’m coming home.

I’m coming home.



His breath choked up in his throat.

I’m coming.







He made it to the staircase and pretty much flew up the stairs.

All he saw in his mind was her face.

Barbara smiling at him.

Barbara being torn apart by werewolves.

Just one werewolf.


He wanted to drop to the floor and cry.

But he kept going.


Ambrose tore open the door at the top of the landing.

He ran through and found himself on the ground floor of an arena. Rows and rows of bleachers angled almost all the way up to the ceiling.

He stopped in the middle of the arena and glanced around.

Which way is out?

I need to get out.

I need.





need to escape



need to get out

need to get out

get out

get out




be safe

need to escape










He closed his eyes and focused on calming down.

His breathing slowly returned to normal.

He raised his head and sniffed the air.

He listened for outside noise, for street noise.

A car honked in the distance.

Sirens blared.

The stench of car exhaust.

Fresh air.

Ambrose opened his eyes.

He smiled and ran towards the sounds and scents.


Elsie stalked the streets of Havaton alone.

When Hildreth is all healed up, I’m going to wrap him in multiple layers of bubble wrap so he can’t hurt himself again.

That idiot.

I hate leaving him alone.

I wish I could just call off for the rest of the week. So, I could just be with him.

So, I could spend all day and all night taking care of him.

That stupid idiot.

She saw his face in her mind.

His green blue eyes.

His straight nose.

His mouth.

His smile.

His laugh.

I want to run home.

I want to tackle him.

I want to make him laugh with joy and delight.

I want to make him finally see that I love only him.

A man screamed.

She sighed and pulled out her stakes.

“Work beckons.”


Ambrose fled through the front door.

Only to be confronted with a new obstacle.

A brick wall surrounded Incandesca’s hideout and there didn’t seem to be any gates.

He shrugged.

Only one thing to do.

He hurried over to the wall with his claws extended and slashed it.

His claws sank into the wall as if he were pulling them through sand.

Ambrose startled and backed away from it.

He contemplated the wall.

It looked solid enough.

He retracted his claws and laid his hands on the bricks.

His hands sank into it.

He pulled his hands back and quietly thought it over.

He examined his hands.

They didn’t seem to be injured.

He lowered his hands and considered his options.

Ambrose saw Barbara’s face in his mind.

He saw Kevin towering over her with bared fangs and inhuman eyes.


He took a deep breath.

I hope this won’t knock me unconscious or absorb me into another dimension.

He ran straight at the wall.

And passed through to the other side.

He exhaled in relief.

Now to get myself back home.

He turned towards the entrance to the alley.

A man raced into the alley with a ferocious black-haired woman hot on his heels.

Ambrose’s pupils widened as he recognized the woman.




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