Part 860 – Memory And Jealousy

Missy sat alone in the kitchen.

Raven’s two drawings lay before her.

The yellow and white house.

Jeff Farsigh.

She traced her fingers over his lines and features, hoping for memory to strike.

But memory did not touch her.

“Cassie. My name is Cassie? Cassie what? Cassie Farsigh? It sounds good together but it can’t be right. His skin color wasn’t the same as mine. So, who am I really where do I come from why do I have him and his house inside my memories where do I really belong?”

Her fingers trailed across the apex of the roof.

“I could have pretty shirtless Raven search my memories again and see what he uncovers.”

She shuddered. “But that’s too scary and it hurts and I don’t want to find out that way. So, what other way is there?”

She touched the front door.

Yellow and white streaks stretched before her eyes.

Her mind raced through jumbled images before settling on a memory.

A full memory.


She walked into the house. The scent of mulberry potpourri perfumed the air.

Someone was crying and crying hard.

She didn’t hesitate.

She ran towards the crying.

Into the living room.

He sat on the couch.

His face buried in his hands.

He was crying and crying so hard his shoulders were shaking.

She came to him and touched his arm.

He didn’t acknowledge her at all.

He just kept on crying.

She sat beside him and leaned her head against his arm.

She understood why he was crying.

It was the same reason as always.

There was nothing that she could do, but let him ride out the grief and regret. He’d calm down soon.

He always calmed down.


The yellow and white streaks reappeared and pulled the memory away.

Missy sat frozen in place.

“What was that? I don’t get it why was he crying I knew why then but I don’t know now. I know it was a good reason it wasn’t because someone died on a soap opera I wonder if he liked soap operas I don’t think so.”

She paused to regain her train of thought. “There was a good reason why he was crying someone.” She sat up a little straighter. “Someone did die. Someone he knew. Someone he liked. Someone. Someone someone someone…”

If she weren’t sitting up so straight, she would have fallen out of her chair. “Someone he killed.” She jumped out of her seat and ran all the way to Raven’s room. She pushed the door open and  hurried over to his cot.


Raven slept in Robin’s arms.

Robin held him close. So close, you couldn’t even stick a sheet of paper between them.

Missy felt a twinge of jealousy. “I want to hold him like that, but he won’t let me.”

Raven smiled and turned to face Robin, which put him nose-to-nose and pretty much mouth-to-mouth with the other vampire.

Robin stretched out his legs and moaned.

And it wasn’t a hurting kind of moan.

Missy fled the scene.


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