Part 859 – A Memory From A Different Point Of View

Robin sat on top of a Plymouth Prowler. He watched the people pass by on the sidewalk. Walking left. Walking right. Pushing baby strollers. Eating ice cream.

He sighed.

So many people out tonight and none of ’em all that temptin’.

What a waste.

A woman caught his eye.

Her long blonde ponytail swished as she crossed the street. She was well coordinated with a red swing coat, a bright pink skirt, and the reddest high heels Robin had ever seen on a woman. Her steps, however, were nervous and fumbling – as if she had never walked in heels before.

I bet she smells like bubble gum or cotton candy. Bet she smells like both.

She reached the other side of the street and merged into the crowd.

Robin jumped off the car’s roof and hurried after her.

He had no problem finding her.

Trailing after her was even easier.

She walked in a straight line down the sidewalk – as if she were on a mission. She didn’t do any window shopping.

Until she started to pass the store front for Your Junk = My Treasures. She gasped and peeked in the window.

Darn! She’s a cute one. It’ll be a shame to bite her.

She laid her hand on the glass. “It’s a wonderland. I want to go in there and touch them all.”

Robin stopped behind her and gave her a long, admiring look. “Ain’t all that impressive. It’s all junk. Ain’t any treasures in there. No matter what their stupid name may be.”

“Maybe. But they are such curious things.”

Robin snorted. “Trust me. Junk. Just junk.”

She turned around.

His heart gave a little leap.

Her face was devoid of any “Look at me! I’m the Greatest!” attitude that he had seen in too many women. Her innocence charmed and beguiled him.

He caught the faint scent of strawberry jelly beans.

Robin refrained from licking his lips and/or drooling. He gave her womanly figure an appraising look. “You should come with me.”


He smiled. “I want to be alone with you.”

“Oh?” The blatant curiosity on her face made him smile even more.

So freakin’ cute! I’ll try not to kill her.

He took her hand. “You comin’?”

She nodded and let him lead her away.


He frowned.

But was that me bein’ attracted to him or just to his cute woman act?

And he makes a very cute woman.


Ain’t never gonna get any sleep this way.

He rolled over on his other side and stared straight ahead at the darkened tv set.

Maybe I was attracted to those stupid bits of his personality that were shinin’ through his disguise. That stupid curiosity of his.

I hope he’s safe.

I hope he ain’t gettin’ himself into trouble by pokin’ his nose into the wrong things.

I wish I could see him again.

But if I go back there, he’ll just throw more trash and junk at me. I don’t need that. Got plenty of that garbage haul last time.

But what if I’m right? What if he didn’t mean any of that trash talk? What if he was playin’ out a part…

To protect me?

He rolled onto his back. “I’m thinkin’ way too much. Ain’t never gonna fall asleep.”

Robin sat up and rubbed his face. “Mmnnnff.” It’s because I’m all alone. Ain’t anyone here to distract me from my thoughts.

He stood and mucked his way upstairs. He headed straight for Raven’s room, kicked the door open, and straight-lined to the cot.

Robin pulled the blankets aside and dropped onto the mattress, causing it to squeak an objection. He laid down, covered up, and snugged along Raven’s back.

He wrapped his arms around Raven and pulled him close.

“nnn. missy…I don’t…I…”

“Shut up. It’s just me.”


“I got lonely, okay? Just shut up so I can go to sleep.”

“mmm. ‘kay.”

He pressed his forehead against Raven’s back.

What if this were Isellta?

He stretched his left leg across Raven’s legs.

My Isellta.

Not that heartless fiend who shot me down.

My Isellta.

The one I love.



With that smile I love.

And those stupid flappin’ wings.

And that…


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