Part 857 – Preyuna’s Moment Of Truth

Isellta choked.

He literally choked on his sandwich.

Maelin rushed to his rescue and Heimliched the sandwich piece out of him.

“thank you.”

“Not a problem. I’ll get you something to drink.” She cast a warning look at the fey queen.

Preyuna regarded her with a bone freezing stare. “Don’t worry. I won’t touch your lover.”

“He is not my lover.”

“Of course.” She redirected her glare at her fellow fey as Maelin walked over to the fridge. “He only has eyes for ugly men.”

Even though he wanted to run and hide, Isellta spoke up, “Robin isn’t ugly.”

“He’s scarred. He’s utterly undesirable. But at least he won’t come back here again.”

Isellta wanted to gasp, but he couldn’t even breathe.


My Robin was here?


“He came here. A couple of days ago. He wanted to see you.”

“But he was…he was…Robin. He was here? He wanted to see me?”

“But then he left.”

Isellta frowned. “I don’t understand. Why didn’t he come inside and see me?”

A mean expression sparked in her eyes. “Because he saw you outside.”

“How? I…” His face fell as he understood.

“And you said such things to him. Such painful truths that he needed to hear.”

“You chased him away.” His chest hurt and his head reverberated like someone had bashed it with a hammer. “He was here. I could have seen him.” He rose from his seat. His wings flared out. “You chased Robin away!”

“I had to.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“He would have convinced you to leave with him, Isellta. And, until Mark Caten is dead, you can’t go anywhere. It would have literally killed you to go with him.”

“But I could have seen him.”

Maelin returned with a cup of water. She took stock of the situation and set the glass on the table.

“I could have talked to him, touched him, and he would have talked to me. He would have touched me. Everything I’ve wanted to tell him, everything that I’ve been longing…been longing…” He bowed his head.

I just want to curl up on the floor and disappear.

Maelin came to him and touched his arm.

A strong sense of peace came over him. He raised his head. All of the hurt and fear was gone. Anger stood in its place.

“I’ve endured your bullying and tried so hard to meet your demands. I surrendered myself to you. And this. This is how you repay me? By denying me one simple happiness. I just want to see him again. To actually see him with no dividers, no barriers. Just him. Just me.” His anger grew. “And you chased him away.” He glared at her. “I will never hrrash ka kae with you again.”

Her eyes turned white. “Stupid. Mindless. Worthless.”

He whispered a quick spell into his hands and pushed it at her.

A strong wind spun around her, grabbed her, lifted her off the ground, and threw her at the closed kitchen door.

Isellta gasped and staggered back.

“Whoa.” said Maelin.

Preyuna stood with all of the grace and dignity she could dredge up. She looked at him with a cold ferociousness that made his knees shake. “Fine. You win, Isellta. I will never ask you again. And I will do nothing to protect you if Mark Caten sends his goons after you.”

His wings flattened against his back. His knees shook so hard Isellta had no idea how he was still standing. I used magic against her. I used magic against my queen. “I’m…”

She marched up to him and slapped him hard across the face.

He let out a small cry.

Maelin stepped in between them. “That is enough.”

“No, it isn’t.” She looked at Isellta. “I hope you never regain your teleporting powers. I hope you never see that ugly vampire again. I hope you die of a broken heart.”

“Get out of here.” Maelin’s voice was calm, yet Isellta could feel the dangerous magic inside of it waiting to be unleashed.

Preyuna flipped her hair over her shoulders and left the room.


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