Pat 854 – Isellta’s Completed Portrait

Jay sighed and watched Mark Caten at work.

“The twelve vats of guacamole are for the new Davisburg location once it’s up and running. I don’t know WHY they delivered them so soon.” Mark Caten looked exasperated. “Yes, send it back. Idiot.” He hung up the phone and shook his head. “Why is good help so hard to buy?”

It’s past lunch.

I know it’s past lunch.

Mark Caten leaned forward and worked on filling out some paperwork.

I hope they understand.



The phone rang again.

“Hello, this is Mark Caten, but you can call me God. How can I help you?”

I should make it up to them somehow.


Well. I know how I can make it up to Mae. But what about him?

What about Isellta?

Well. I know how I can make it up to him too.


I need to go to Pinkerlee and bring Robin here.

“NO! Do not buy the Walmart brand. Never buy the Walmart brand. Why? Good Lord! He asks me WHY? Because the Walmart brand is cheap. I don’t do cheap.” He scoffed. “I’m surprised you haven’t figured that out yet. No! Not the Saks Fifth Avenue brand. I hate everyone there. Neiman Marcus, you inbred, syphilis bearing hippopotamus!” He slammed the phone down.

But if I bring Robin here, Preyuna will catch him. She’ll go all evil mistress on Robin and kill him. Probably after emasculating him.

But if I’m careful…

If I plan it out and take into account all possibilities…

I need to do it for him.

I need to find a way.

I will.


Isellta walked over to Maelin.

His wings flared out in surprise as she made him appear on the canvas.

His face.

His hair.

His shoulders.

His arms.

Even his wings.

He sat on the floor beside her chair.

It’s almost like magic, but it clearly isn’t magic at all. It’s lines and brushstrokes and different shades of paint.

But ohh. Oh, it’s so wonderful.


Maelin added one last line of color and then sat back to admire her finished piece.

On the canvas, Isellta sat on the couch. He leaned forward. His elbows resting on his knees. His hands loosely folded. He looked at the viewer. His head tilted. His mouth a serious line. His eyes bright with curiosity. His wings were slightly flared out, maybe getting ready to flap.

Real life Isellta laid his hand on her knee.

She looked down at him. “How do you like it?”

“It’s me. You actually made it look like me.”

“Do you like it?”

He smiled at her and flapped his wings. “It’s amazing.”

She blushed with pleasure. “Thank you.”

Isellta propped his chin on his hand. He peeked up at her. “Could you paint someone else just from my description of him?”

“Of course. As long as you give me good desctiptions. Not just: ‘He has blue eyes, brown hair, and a nice face.'”

He flapped his wings harder. “I think I can handle that.”

“We’ll have to wait for this one to dry first.” Her stomach growled. “Mm. Let’s go down and have lunch.”

“Oh!” He raised his head. “Jay said he’d have lunch with us. Do you think he’s waiting?”

She smiled at his eagerness.

But I can’t blame him. I’m eager to see Jay too.  “Probably.”

He scrambled up to his feet and grabbed her hands. ‘Then, come on!” He tried to tug her off the chair. “Let’s go!”

She laughed. “All right.”

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