Part 855 – “Call Me My Divine Lord And Supreme Master.”

Preyuna strode into Mark Caten’s office and headed straight for his desk.

He flicked a look at her. “Oh, goody. Time for your morning whine routine.”

“It wouldn’t be a routine if you would just give me what I want.”

“Cupcake, if I gave you what you want, you’d be gone for good. Why would I want that?”

Preyuna could think of many different reasons why, but none of them applied to Mark Caten. “Because I want it. Because I have danced your dance. I have paid off the Fey’s debt to you. I deserve it. After putting up with everything you’ve done to me, I deserve my freedom.”

He blinked. “Oh. I’m sorry. Were you talking to me? I thought you were monologuing.”


He wagged his index finger at her. “Ah-ah-ah. Come on, cupcake. You know better than that.”

Her fingers turned into claws. “My Lord and Master.”

“Hmm. I think there’s some adjectives missing in there. It feels so incomplete. How about you call me…My Divine Lord and Supreme Master. Mm. Mm.-mm-mmmm. I love the sound of that. Yes! Call me My Divine Lord and Supreme Master.”

“I will do no such thing.”

“Oh?” He rose from his seat and strolled over to her.

Her claws grew three inches longer.

He looked down at her hands and smirked. “You lay one of those backscratchers on me, you’ll never be able to leave. You will be bound to me beyond my death. You know this, cupcake. So, put your toys away.”

She reluctantly obeyed.

He patted the side of her face. “There’s a good girl. And don’t worry. One of these days, I’ll get bored of hitting you up every night and I’ll get that craving for something better. Something with a nicer disposition.”

“If there is anything wrong with my disposition, it is all because of you.”

He chuckled. “If it humors you to think so. And yes. You will call me My Divine Lord and Supreme Master. It will make me so happy to hear you say it. And really. It’s all about making me so happy. Now, if you’ll run along, I have work to do.”

“You can’t keep dismissing my request.”

He sighed. “My dear, dear cupcake. I can.” He squeezed her bottom. “We’ll talk more later.” He returned to his desk.

She trembled with anger.

I want to kill him.

Her eyes turned white.


“Oh, since you obviously don’t have anything better to do, go downstairs and make me a sandwich. I’m starving.”

Her eyes turned back to normal.

But his time will come.

He will get what he is due.

He will suffer.

I will find a way to make him suffer before he dies.

He gave her an annoyed look. “Well?”

“Yes.” She took a deep breath and sighed. “My Divine Lord and Supreme Master.”

He clapped his hands. “Oh! It sounds even better than I’d expected. Mmmm. Love it!”

I should punch that smug face off his face. But that won’t accomplish anything. I will still be bound to him.

She left the room.

I just need to find someone to do my dirty work for me.

I may be unable to leave this place, but I will find someone.

I will.

Mark Caten will die.

I swear it.

And then I will be free.

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