Part 830 – Don’t Mind Me Sitting Here, Talking To Myself

“Today’s challenge is….You must make a full course meal with cactus juice, frozen Greek meatballs, raspberry seeds, and chutney sauce. Ready? SET? GOOOOOOOOO!”

Missy shook her head. “They’ll never be able to make even half a meal with that roundup, but I sure hope the cute British guy gets through the challenge okay. He’s cute and he reminds me of Raven. Hmmm. I wonder what he looks like without his shirt on.”

Robin trompsed into the room, dropped onto the cushion next to Missy, and snatched the remote from her.

“Ooo. Nigel is reaching for the jar of rice. He’d better hurry. Oh, no! He just dropped it.”

Missy gasped. “No! Don’t worry about cleaning it. There isn’t enough time. Go grab something else.”

“He’s back in the pantry. What is he going to do? He’s reaching for—-“

Robin flicked channels.

“Hey!” Missy tried to reclaim the remote.

He bared his fangs at her.

She decided not to push it.

He turned his attention back to his channel surfing until he landed on a Stargate SG-1 episode. He slumped back and watched it through half-closed eyes. “Much better than some stupid cooking show.”

“But I wanted to see if cute British guy was going to win.”

He sighed. “I don’t freakin’ care.” He blinked slowly. His scarred eyelid moved slower than the other.

“I wonder if that hurts.”


“Your scarred eye. Does it hurt?”

“nuh-uhh. healed.”

He fell asleep before the first commercial.

Missy tried to take the remote from him.

He growled in his sleep.

She sat back and looked at the two men sleeping on either side of her.

Robin with his facial scar and punk attitude.

Raven so posh and white-gloved.

“How did two such opposites find each other?” She played with the longer side of Raven’s hair, twirling the strands around her fingers, braiding it, and all around loving the feel of it.

He sighed softly in his sleep.

“He’s just so pretty. I bet he was all the rage in the Farlington household. I bet all the servant girls were like “woooo! That Raven! So hawt!’ But he never even noticed that he had a whole fan girl squad because he was so mentally stuck on Miss Farlington.”

She frowned. “And he’s stayed mentally stuck on Miss Farlington. I wonder if she really was all that and a toothpick hat. I hope so. It would be kind of sad if he’s been pining all these years for an average looking girl. It would be like ‘Man! What is your problem?'”

Her frown lifted. “And he’s been alone all these years. Unable to move past Miss Farlington. Probably passing up like 5500 girls who’d gladly have kids with him and marry him and live to ripe old age with him and move to Florida with him.”

She ran her index finger down the bridge of his nose down to his lips. “I’d gladly do all that stuff with him and then some.” She moved her finger across his lips. “I’d go wherever he wants to go and I’d stay with him.”

Raven sighed again. This time, it was a heavier sigh. An unhappy sigh.

“I know. I feel the same way.” She set her hands in her lap. “What would it take to get him to propose to me? Divine intervention? The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future gathering around his bed and talking all at the same time? What? He knows I won’t reject him. Why would I? It isn’t too often a girl runs into a perfectly pretty vampire who happens to be in love with her.” She thought about it. “It can’t happen THAT often. And I’m not including Ambrose and Barbara because he just isn’t pretty. Good-looking that’s for sure. Can’t deny that. But good-looking is not the same as pretty. So, he doesn’t count.”

“As for Robin….No. Not pretty. I wonder what he’d look like without that scar on his face. Maybe he would be pretty then?” She squinted her eyes and tried to imagine him without that scar running down his face. “I think he’d go in the same category of good looking as Ambrose. Hmm. It’s too bad I never got a chance to see him without his shirt on. I bet he has a great looking chest. But Barbara just had to ruin my fun.”

She puffed out a sigh as the Stargate episode ended and segued into another episode.

“I think I need some fresh air.”


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