Part 815 – Ambrose Vs. Ambrose

Ambrose sat up far too fast. It made his eyes glaze over and his head wobble. “What?” He pressed his forehead against the heels of his hands. “What did you just ask me?”

“If I gave you the okay, would you change me into a vampire?”

Ambrose didn’t reply. He sat with his forehead against his hands.

Change her into a vampire. Yes. I could do that. Then, we’d always be together.

He lowered his hands and looked up at her. “Are you asking me to change you, Barbara?”

“If I were?”

“Are you?”

“Maybe?” She hesitated. “Yes.”

“My Barbara.” He looked at her neck.

To taste her blood again.

To feel its torrents pour down my throat.

Its delicious sweet taste.

She wants me.

She wants me to do it.

He licked his lips and leaned towards her neck.

Barbara closed her eyes and moved her hair out of his way.

It’s what she wants.

It’s what I want.

She turned her head just right.

His lips touched her skin.

She shuddered.

Am I really doing it for her?

Where does what she wants end and what I want start? Do they merge?

Aren’t they the same thing?

We just want to be together.

He inhaled her scent. It filled his mind like an exotic perfume.

He licked her skin in a small, subtle touch.

She gasped. “Ambrose.”

Is this really for her?

Or is it all for me and my pleasure?

Am I being selfish?

What happens to her after the bite?

What if I hold on too long?

What if I lose control?

What if?

What if I kill her?

I want to.

She wants me to.



He bared his fangs.

I want.


Drool pooled up in corners of his mouth with the threat to come pouring out first chance it got.


It doesn’t matter what I want.

This isn’t about me.

This is her.

This is about the woman I love.

Do I want to change her life and not necessarily for the better? Will it make her happy? Truly, joyfully happy?

She’d be with me.

Wouldn’t that make her happy enough?

But she’d lose a vital part of who she is. The gentle, caring woman I adore. She would have to yield that part of herself in order to make it through every night. And what happens if she loses control and kills someone? Can she live with that on her conscience?

Could I?

He kissed her neck.

Temptation caressed him and spoke love to him.

His saliva escaped his mouth and trickled down her skin.

She trembled.

He knew that she was not trembling in excitement.

He knew without probing what she was thinking about.

What she was remembering.

Ambrose kissed her neck one last time. “It’s all right, Barbara. You’re safe. I’m not going to hurt you.”

He moved away from her. “I swear I will never hurt you.”

She opened her eyes.

He retracted his fangs and smiled. “You are safe with me.”


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