Part 799 – Garbage Vs Semi-Sweet Chocolate And Vanilla Bean

John gave them a few more minutes of couple time before getting out of the car.

Ambrose raised his head.

“So. Are we all going inside?”

Ambrose gave her a questioning look.

She nodded. “Moral support is a good thing.”

Ambrose’s expression softened into a smile. “Indeed it is.”

He is no longer that man who broke her heart. He loves her. “Then, let’s go.”


Ambrose clenched his teeth. I need to keep it together. I cannot, I will not get sick in front of them. I can do this.

Barbara squeezed his hand as her father opened the door.

It was like getting a load of filthy trash stuffed down his throat and up his nose.

Ambrose covered his nose and his mouth with his hands and tried to focus on just his own scent.




These are good scents.

They smell good individually.

They smell good together.

“Come on, kitten.”

Ambrose followed her into the house.


I smell garbage.

His stomach clenched up on him.

Darn it! Why is it garbage?

John looked puzzled. “You okay, Ambrose?”

He shrugged. “Bad smell.”

A trace amount of Kevin’s scent slipped past his hand barrier and whisted into his mouth.

Ambrose fell into a coughing and gagging fit.

Barbara stopped and rubbed his back. “Do you want to go outside?”

He shook his head. “Wanna be with you.” He coughed until he doubled over.

Barbara took hold of his hands.

He shook his head even harder.

“It’s all right. Trust me.”


She pulled his hands away and laid her hands in their place.

Ambrose inhaled and exhaled semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla bean. His body relaxed. “ohhh. ohhh. ohhh. Oh, you smell so good.”

She kissed the top of his head. “Are you ready to keep going?”

He nodded.

She kept one hand over his nose and mouth as they walked upstairs.

Smells so good.

Oh, so good.

His mouth watered.

I want a taste of it.

Just one small taste.

He cautiously stuck out the tip of his tongue and pressed it against her palm. It startled her, but she didn’t move her hand away.

His tongue moved upwards in a small lick before retreating back. He pressed the tip of his tongue against his hard palate.

The scent flooded him, filled him, overwhelmed him. Until that was all he could smell.

He rubbed the tip of his tongue all over the roof of his mouth until the scent started to crumble and fade. “Thank you.”

“Any time.”

They stopped outside Kevin’s bedroom door.

He licked her palm again.

And again her scent filled him up. “Okay. I’m ready.”

She opened the door.

All three of them entered the room.

Ambrose removed her hand from his face and just held it.

She looked up at him. “Thank you.”

“Any time, love.”

They walked over to where Kevin lay on the floor.

“Oh.” said John.

Barbara sank to her knees.

Ambrose came down beside her and wrapped his arm around her. “So. Now, you see.”


His body twitched at the sound of her voice. He raised his bare wolf head and looked at her.

She started to reach for him, but stopped. “Can I even touch you?”

“Try.” said John.

“If he makes a move to bite you, I’ll bite him back.” said Ambrose.

His large wolf ears flattened against his head. He squeaked plaintively.

Barbara moved closer to him and touched his wolf-pale skin. “I’m sorry, Kev. I’m sorry we have to say goodbye like this. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. I’m sorry I didn’t do enough to help you.”

He nudged his nose under her hand and squeaked again.

She stroked his head over and over. “I’m sorry I was never a good enough friend. I wish…” She buried her face in the side of his neck and cried.

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