Part 788 – A Gash Of A Memory

Missy looked at Raven’s drawing. Even though it wasn’t complete, it was a vast improvement over her rectangle and triangle.  It actually looked like a place a person could live in.

She smiled as she imagined walking up to the front door.

“Maybe I would knock on it and see if anyone was home probably not it doesn’t look like it. So, I’d open the door because of course it would be unlocked and—”

A yellow and white streaked memory gashed before her eyes.

The door was open.

A man stood there.

A woman stood in the darkness behind him.

The man smiled.

“I can see his face.” She sat up straight. “I can see him!”

He opened his mouth to speak.

And she had a strong feeling that he was going to say her name.

“Who am I?”

He took a breath.

“Tell me! WHO AM I?”

Raven entered the room.

The memory disappeared.

And she felt like paper that had been crumpled into a ball.

“I’m sorry I kept you wait…Missy? What is the matter?”

She looked at him, speechless.

He came to her. “Missy. What happened? Why do you look so ghastly?”

“Ghastly? I didn’t realize that was a real word.”

“What happened?” He frowned. “Did Antioch—”

“No. Your drawing.” She looked down at it. The drawing was just that – a drawing. Nothing mystical or magical happening there. “I remembered something. Someone. Someone coming out of this house—” She tapped the paper. “—this house and some part of me recognized him but I don’t recognize him but it’s there all hidden inside my head this man my real name my real self who I am who I really am.”

He sat down in his chair. “What do you want me to do?”

She didn’t look up at him. “It’s a very good drawing I wish I could draw that good but I just can’t did you take classes or did you have a tutor either way you’re really—-”

“Missy. Tell me.”

“I.” She traced the lines of the door with her finger. “I think he was going to say my name.” She looked up at him. “I could know my name. I could know who I am. My family. My home. But I’m scared of what else that memory could reveal. What if that man is someone who hurt me maybe he brought me to Antioch maybe he did things to me maybe…maybe I’m just too scared to find out.”

“Then, let’s not find out.”

“But, Raven.”

He sighed. “What do you want, Missy?”

She looked back down at the drawing. “Let me think about it. Let’s finish the drawing it’s a shame to leave something this good so incomplete.”

“Very well.” He slid the paper over to his side. “Where were we?”

She moved closer to him and propped her elbows on the table. “Mm. It needs front windows…”


Robin lay on his back and stared at the ceiling.

Half of the ceiling was sharp clear. The other half fogged uncertainty.

What if I ain’t right?

What if I’m misinterpretin’?

What if I’m just bein’ stupid and missing the obvious?


What if I’m right?

What if he’s like the rest of his darned species?

What if it wasn’t him?

What if it was?

What if he’s there wondrin’ why I bailed on him?

What if he’s there writin’ in his sick fey journal about how he spammed me again? Ha. Ha. Ha.

What if he’s cryin’?

What if he’s laughin’?

What if he misses me?

What if he don’t?

He scrabbled out of bed. “At this rate, I’m gonna make myself crazy.” He left his room and tromped back into the kitchen. “Hey!”

Raven and Missy startled.

“Hate to interrupt art class, but I’m headin’ out.”

Raven stood and walked over to him. “Are you all right?”

“No. I need fresh air. I need to get away from here and just breathe.”

“I understand. Be careful, Robin. Don’t get hurt, staked, or captured.”

“Yeah. Yeah. I know. Be back later. Probably around dawn.” He squeezed Raven’s shoulder. “Be safe.”


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