Part 772 – Spying On Ambrose

The vampire lurked and waited.

Ambrose Smith left the restaurant with his arm around a pretty woman with wavy honey-blonde hair. They stopped in his line of sight. Ambrose said something to her. She said something to him.

The vampire wasn’t interested in eavesdropping. So, he didn’t bother.

But he noticed how Ambrose looked at her and touched her and kissed her. She looked at him and touched him and kissed him the same way.

Hmm. I’m getting some interesting ideas. It goes against what Incandesca told me to do, but…

He smiled.

There’s no harm in seeing where the little crumpet lives. Might be useful information.

He released her and said a whole bunch more to her. Stuff that made her giggle.

The vampire still wasn’t interested in what they were talking about.

The girl walked to the parking lot with the other man, while Ambrose just stood there, watching her leave.

The vampire lurked in the alley and waited for Ambrose to leave.


Ambrose couldn’t help himself. He followed her to the car. “Hey.”

Barbara stopped and looked back.

He smiled. “I think you forgot to kiss me goodnight.”

She ran back to him.

He caught her in his arms.

She kissed him. “Good night, kitten.”

He kissed her. “Good night, love. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“And you’ll let me know how Kevin’s doing?”

“You know I will. And you’ll think about what I asked you?”

“I will.”

He twirled a loose strand of her hair around his finger. “Barbara.” His voice was soft and gentle. “I can’t wait until we can be together all the time.”

“Same here. It’s so hard to keep going our separate ways every night when all I want to do is…”

“I feel the same. I love you. Oh. Oh, Barbara, I love you.”

So, she kissed him again.


The vampire tried his best to look nonchalant.

I’m just over here by this Cutlass Sierra. Yep. This is me trying to get into my car. Yep.

He glanced at the loving couple. What? They’re still kissing. Come on! Break it up already.

They stopped kissing and said more stuff to each other.

He could only assume it was a bunch of love love love stuff. Come on, Ambrose Smith. Move it. Get going. And, lady. Get to your car. Come on. Let’s get this show moving.

Ambrose kissed her one more time and turned to leave.


The vampire ducked down and resumed fussing with the Cutlass Sierra’s front door. Don’t mind me. I’m not doing anything. I’m just minding my own—

“Hey. Whacha doin’ to my car?”

The vampire turned around.

A larger than life man loomed behind him.

“No. This isn’t your car.”

“It sho’ ain’t yours.”

“Well, I…uhh…” He glanced back towards Barbara’s car and saw Ambrose standing there, scowling at him. “Oh, come on!”

Ambrose strolled over to the Wall of Man. “Is there a problem, sir?”

“Yeah. This punk here’s tryin’ to steal my car.”

Ambrose smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him.”

The vampire shook his head. “Nuh-uh.” He darted around the two men and raced out of the parking lot.

He didn’t stop running until he thought it was safe. He ducked into a cluttered alley and slumped to the ground. “Darn! Guess I’m stuck with carrying out Incandesca’s orders.” He leaned his head against the wall. “And I’m still hungry.”



2 thoughts on “Part 772 – Spying On Ambrose”

    1. lol I fully intended to have him follow her, but things just refused to go his way. 😆 Fair warning, though: Barbara is in the clear for now, but…. 😉 You never can tell what might happen.


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