Part 756 – It’s A Vampire And Werewolf Showdown!

Ambrose rammed his head into the hunter’s gut. The hunter stumbled backwards and lost his grip on his weapon.

It fell into a slush puddle. Steam curled along the weapon’s sides.

Ambrose grabbed the DevilsDare 0.6 and snapped it in half.

“Ah! My…my—”

He threw the dead weapon on the ground and tackled its owner.

The two men wrestled and fought, both desperate to get the upper hand, until Ambrose cheated.

He slashed the man’s face with his claws.

The pain drove the man to his knees. He pressed his hand against his torn face and sat there in a state of shock.

Ambrose crouched before him. “Now, the question remains, hunter: What should I do with you? I’m not hungry. Even if I were, your garlic and cheese scent does not appeal to me. But if I let you live, you’ll come hunting me again. What to do?”

His phone rang. He pulled it out and checked the caller id. “Barbara.” He answered it. “Hey, this really isn’t a—-”

Her phone fell with a clatter.


She screamed.

His breath stopped in his throat.

“Barbara!” He stood quickly. The hunter forgotten. “Barbara. What….what…”

A chorus of werewolf howls sang in his ear.

He ran.


His chest burned.

He couldn’t breathe right.

Tears streamed out of his eyes as he ran.

Barbara. My Barbara. I’m coming. I’m coming.

What if I’m too late? What if she’s been bitten? What if she’s been scratched? What if…

What if…

Ambrose left the business area behind him.

What if I’m too late?

What will I do? What will I do?

He wanted to crumple.

What will I do without her in my life?



He ran along a leisurely curve.

He saw them.

A whole crowd of werewolves surrounding a peach Mini Cooper.

Climbing on top of it.

Scratching the windows.

Clawing up the doors.

Ambrose let loose a furious roar.

The alpha broke away from the pack and stepped out in front to face him.

Ambrose unleashed his claws and all of his anger. He charged towards the large werewolf with only death and mayhem in his mind.

The alpha bared his fangs and ran at him. As soon as he was close enough, he jumped onto the vampire’s back, knocking him flat on his chest. He pressed all of his weight on Ambrose, keeping him pinned down.

He isn’t attacking. Why?


He raised his head.

The rest of the pack continued their assault on the Mini Cooper.

Ambrose’s face turned pale. He’s keeping me out of the way. No. “NO!”

He tried to arch his back to dislodge the heavy werewolf.

The animal was too heavy.

Ambrose couldn’t move.

He panted as he tried again and again.

Ambrose couldn’t move.

He looked at the werewolves’ progress on the car.


He pressed his forehead against the wet, gritty street and cried.

I can’t let this happen to her.

I can’t.




He reached back with a lot of difficulty and stabbed his claws into the alpha’s front feet.

The alpha yelped, startling the pack.

Good. Ambrose dug his claws in deeper.

The alpha let out a series of pained cries.

The pack abandoned the car and ran to help their leader.

Isn’t this a lovely situation? He dragged his claws downward.

The werewolf snapped at his hands. It didn’t break the skin, but it still hurt.

Ambrose dug his claws into the alpha’s mane.

The werewolf tried to shake his head out of the vampire’s grip. He shifted his weight on his injured front feet.

The rest of the pack surrounded their leader and yipped anxiously at each other.

Ambrose roared again. He dragged the large werewolf off his back and pinned him to the street.

He glared at the rest of the pack. “You touch me or the woman in that car, I will tear his throat completely open. Maybe it will kill him. Maybe it won’t. But it will hurt.”

The alpha growled – a low, steady sound. coward.

Ambrose laughed. “I don’t think you know what that word means, cur. Call them off.”

His growl escalated.

The pack converged, but they were still too nervous to attack.

“I said. Call. Them. Off.”

can’t do that with vampire claws in throat.

“Oh, give it a try. You might surprise yourself.”

filthy vampire scum.

He tilted his head back and howled a long, mournful note that vibrated Ambrose’s fingertips.

The pack backed away and fidgeted.

release me or they will attack. I am their alpha. they must protect me as I must protect them. release me and we will leave you and your mate alone.

“Can I trust you, wolf?”

His mane bristled. werewolf. not wolf.

“Whatever. Can I trust you?”

more than I can trust you.

“If you turn around and attack me or my mate, I will shatter your pack. I will shred them. I will break their bones and splinter their fangs. Is that clear?”

The alpha swallowed hard. clear.

“Good. I’m so glad we were able to reach an agreement.” He released his neck and stood.

The alpha lay there, panting. His pack surrounded him and gently nudged him with their muzzles. They yipped and whined in his ear.

His breathing returned to normal. He rose to his feet. Even though his front paws were injured and bleeding, he stood with strength and determination. may our paths never find each other.

He hobbled into the nearest bushes. His pack raced after him.

“My feelings exactly.”


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