Part 748 – Only One Real Solution

“You’re stuck here until I’m dead. You’re stuck here until I’m dead. You’re stuck here until I’m dead. Until I’m dead. I’m dead. Dead. Dead. DEAD.”

Jay shuddered.

Until Mark Caten’s dead.


There’s only one real solution.

Mark Caten slapped his worker. “Did your mother drop you when you were born? Is that why you are so retarded?” He typed a long string of code on the computer. “There. See? That is how it’s supposed to be done.”

Jay frowned behind his mask. I am his guard. I can’t do anything to him. Otherwise, I would have done it by now.


What if I slipped up and accidently let someone do it for me?

But who?

Preyuna can’t do it. She’d be trapped here if she did.

Then who?




I can’t ask that of him. It would be wrong. That fey isn’t a killer. I can see it in his eyes. It would wreck him to deliberately kill someone.

Okay. So, then what? Then, who?


Maybe I don’t have to choose his killer.

Maybe all I need to do is stand back and watch. He’s stepped on a lot of feet and crushed a lot of toes in his life.

Someone will come.

I’m sure of it.

I can guarantee it.

And then?





He shuddered again. It goes against everything I believe. All of my training. Everything I’ve ever done.

“Hey, guard! Quit thinking about picking your nose. I’m done in here. Let’s get back to civilization.”

“Yes, Mr. Caten.”


Isellta flapped his wings as he pulled out the cd player and the John Denver cd. He stroked the cd cover.

The bedroom door opened.

Isellta looked back.

Jay entered the room and walked straight to his bed. He said nothing to Isellta.

Isellta gave John Denver’s smiling face a glowing look before heading over to the other man.

Jay sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed his arms.

Isellta gently touched his arm. “Are you hurt?”

“Don’t take offense please, but could you please step out a moment?” He looked up at the fey. “I need to call Maelin. I…I would like this conversation to be private. Please.”

“You will talk to me afterwards?”

“Yeah.” Jay squeezed Isellta’s hands. “I’m not hurt. Just terribly confused. I need to talk to her. I need to hear her voice. I need her to calm me down.”

Isellta removed Jay’s mask. “You were crying.”


“Was Mark Caten mean to you?”

Jay laughed – a short, less than happy laugh. “He’s always mean. Go. I need to call her.”

Isellta nodded and left the room.


Jay pulled out his phone and called her number.

“Please answer. Please. Please.” He closed his eyes. “Please.”


He opened his eyes. “Maelin.”

“Jay! Oh, Jay. I’m so glad to hear your voice.”

“Mae. Help me.” He laid down on his bed. “Tell me you’re coming home.”

“What is wrong? You’re upset.”

“Just the same as usual. Mark Caten. Are you coming home? Will I see you soon?”

“What did Caten do?”

“I miss you. Please come home.”

“Jay. What did he do?”

“He’s gone and grounded another fey. But this one is different. He’s not a child, but…He just this poor kid, put upon by everyone. I want to help him.” He paused. “There’s only one way to help him. And I’m too afraid to do it. Please. Please come home. I need you so bad. It’s been so long. Please. I need to be in your arms. I need your touch. I need your kiss. I need you so much. Please come home. Please come home. Please.”

“Jay. What are you afraid of? What do you have to do?”

There were so many answers to that question.

Jay chose the most direct.

“I have to betray Mark Caten.”

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