Part 739 – Wedding Songs And Lots Of Love

Hildreth looked over the list of wedding songs that he had compiled with Jeff. “This list is awesome.” He made a face.

“What’s that for?”

“Number 12. You got mad crazy singing skills. No doubts there. But come on! That one was written for Celine Dion, who is a total beast of a singer.”

“So, you don’t think I can do it, huh?”

Hildreth shrugged.

Jeff smirked. “Look at you. Mr. Doubting Mayhew. Get a load of this.” He launched into a masterful rendition of “I Want You To Need Me”.

Hildreth’s thoughts flew to Elsie. He quietly hummed along.

And he thought of her frizzy black hair.

The fire in her gold eyes.

Her smile.

Her laugh.

The heat of her touch.

I would do anything for her.

He smiled and added one more song to the list.

Jeff stopped. “Uh-oh. Now what? If it’s another Dixie Chick song…I’m not singing ‘White Trash Wedding’.”

“Too bad. It’s a fun song.” Hildreth set his pen down and gave his friend a “Well?” type of look.

“For The Dancing And The Dreaming.” Jeff smiled. “It’s been a long time since I’ve sung it.” His voice softened. “I used to sing it all the time.”

“Will you sing it for us?”

Jeff nodded. “Anything for you, Dweeb.”

“Thanks. And just so you know, Dude. You just rocked Celine out of the boat.”

Jeff’s smile blossomed into a full-out grin. “Thanks! So, when is the main event?”

“May 21. Do you have anything going on that day?”

“Nope. Lucky you, right?”

“So right.”


Hildreth tapped his hands on the steering wheel to the Dixie Chicks latest song “Love Crisis #9”. His rhythm was still just a little bit off.

“Da da da da da and that’s why we call it Looooooove! Love crisis number niii-ee-iiine.”

Cue ecstatic fiddle solo with Natalie Maines chanting “Nine nine nine nine NINE!” in the background. All three girls whooped, “NUMBER NIIIIINE! WHOO!”

“You think I’d be happy with your low class bus trips but!
Uh-uh, baby.
That ain’t FIIII–EE–IINE!”

Hildreth nodded his head to the beat.

“You think I’m happy with your stinkin’ cigarettes but!
Nuh-uh, baby.
That ain’t MIIIII-EE–IIINE.”

“And that’s why why why!
You and I are heading into a crisis
And it ain’t a crisis of where we’re gonna go out to

“It’s a love crisis, baby.
Na na na na na.
Da da da da da.
Love crisis number

Hildreth’s phone rang. He turned down the volume and answered it. “Hey. Mayhew.” He shut the music off altogether. “Elsie! Hey there, gorgeous. Were you sipping your soup, missing me? Ha! What’s up? What? Oh.”


“Okay. So. Yeah, I may have overlooked that small detail. Yeah. A tuxedo is a small detail. Unlike a wedding dress. Wedding dress are huge Godzilla-shaped details.” He grinned. “Not that I’m calling you Godzilla. Aw. I bet you’d be a cute Godzilla too. Godzilla in a leather mini-dress with a big pink cartoon bow on the back of your reptilian head. And you just might have a pretty blonde sidekick who happens to be wearing this hot two piece animal skin number.”

He laughed. “Darn it! I love you. So, anyway! Jeff and I talked music and we’ve come up with an awesome list of music to pick and choose from for the wedding. It’s so awesome you’ll look at it and be like—” His voice jumped up into a wobbly falsetto. “‘Oh, Hildreth. This list is so awesome it is da bomb! I want him to sing allllll of these’.”

He grinned as she laughed in his ear. “A British woman impersonator, huh? Interesting. Is that a step up or down from a drunken Miss Piggy?”

He laughed again. “Do you know, Elsie? Have I made it clear enough? Do you have any idea how much I love you? Because I do. I love you, Elsie Vansing. I love only you.”

Hildreth air kissed into the phone. “I’ll be there soon.”



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