Part 737 – Disrupting Ambrose’s Sleep

Ambrose slept and dreamed of Barbara. Beautiful, happy dreams. He smiled in his dreams and in his sleep.

Robin dreamed of Isellta. Maddening, frustrating dreams. Isellta was just within reach, but there was no clear path to him. Robin growled in his dreams and in his sleep.

Missy returned to Raven with a book in her hand. She kissed him – a light touch – and sat against his bed. She opened the book and lost herself in a world of the author’s own making.

And so the hours passed them by.


Barbara led the pink haired shapeshifter into Sammy’s office.

He looked up. “Ah. Miss Addleston.”

“This gentleman is your last appointment for the day. Do you need me to stay?”

“I would prefer it if you did.”

“Mm. Well, the thing is, I need to take someone clothes shopping.”

Sammy showed an incredible amount of restraint. Nothing broke or shattered or died. “Mr. Smith?”

She giggled. “Not at all. Although…I wonder if I should.” The mental image of Ambrose shopping for clothes enchanted her.

I bet he hates clothes shopping. I bet he runs in, grabs random junk that happens to be his size, and runs out the door. After paying for it, of course.

“No, it’s a girl. I think she’s Raven’s girlfriend. I won’t get into details, but she needs clothes so bad.”

He smiled. “Very well. Be sure to lock up.”



Her heart raced as she drove towards Raven’s house.

I’m going to see Ambrose.

I’m going to see Ambrose!

Yes! I’m going to see Ambrose!

It’s still daylight. So, he’ll still be sleeping.

She grinned.

I get to pester him.

She imagined him lying face down into his pillow.

That imagining made her want to jump out of the car and run the rest of the way, even though the car would get her there a whole lot faster.

I can’t wait to see him again.


Barbara parked the car in the driveway and ran to the front door. She entered the house and quickly made her way up to his room.

She opened his door and went inside.

She tip-toed over to his bed and smiled at the Ambrose-shaped lump buried under the blankets.

Barbara climbed into his bed and uncovered his head.

And there he was.

Lying face-down on his pillow. As always.

His bare arms stretched above his head.

Barbara admired him.

His black hair.

His strong arms.

His bare skin.

She stroked his hair.

Temptation whispered innuendos and suggestive suggestions. It made her heart pound in agreement.

She leaned forward and kissed the back of his neck.

I want to lay down beside him. It would be perfectly innocent. He’d be under his blankets. I’d be on top of them. Nothing would happen.


Something would definitely happen.

At the very least, it would provoke him.

I can’t do that to him.

Not again.

He rolled onto his back and opened his eyes a crack. “Barbara?”

The sound of his voice made her want to lose her wits. She quickly got off the bed. “Hey, handsome.”

He opened his eyes all the way, but still managed to look drowsy. “I see you’re still sneaking about, disturbing a decent vampire’s sleep.”

She giggled. “Sorry! I couldn’t resist.”

He focused on her. “You’re a very naughty girl.”

She grinned at him. “Well, you know. It’s all your fault. I used to be such a good, decent person. Then, you came into my life and…”

He sat up. “And?”

“You fill my mind with such thoughts.”

“Such thoughts? Huh. That isn’t very specific, Barbara. It could mean anything – good or bad.” He smiled. “Care to specify which?”

“Not really.” She blushed. “Not yet.”

He looked at her with unabashed love.

Temptation cleared its throat and spoke a whole lot louder.  Barbara wondered what it was whispering to him.

“Umm. I…I…”

He got out of bed.

“I was just passing by. I mean, no. I wasn’t passing by. I was…”

He stopped in front of her and laid his hands on her upper arms. “Barbara.”


“Kiss me.”

“Okay.” She kissed the middle of his forehead.

He laughed. “You outrageous brat.”

“Outrageous.” She giggled. “No one has ever called me that before. See? What did I tell you? You’re a very bad influence.”

“Am I?”

“Mmm. The very worst.” She kissed him.

This time it was not on his forehead.

It was a simple, gentle kiss, but it somehow left both of them breathless.

“I love you, Ambrose.” Her hands slid up to his shoulders. “I love you so much.”

His fingers caressed her face. “Barbara. Tu avez mon coeur.”


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