Part 735 – Blueberry Cream Pie

Missy removed Raven’s shoes one at a time and tossed them over her shoulder. One landed on the cot. The other bounced off to the floor.

She pulled off his socks. They landed on the cot – one here, one there.

Missy ran her fingers down the top of his foot down to his toenails. “Such perfectly pretty feet.” She touched his ankles and rubbed his heels.

He sighed in his sleep.

She smiled. “Raven. My pretty shirtless Raven.”

She undid his tie and dropped it somewhere. Maybe it fell on the floor. Maybe it found its way to the cot on a rogue ghost’s breeze.

It was possible.

She unbuttoned his top three buttons, exposing his neck. Her fingers traced the line of his throat. “Just so pretty. Pretty to look at pretty to feel.”

Missy kissed his neck.

“Very pretty to kiss. Did the vampire who changed him like the feel of his neck too did she like how he tasted or do vampires even care about how it tastes is blood just blood to them just all the same?

A slight smile crossed his face. “so many questions.” Raven wobbled up to a sit. “nmngh. Need to change.” He put his hand to his neck. “ah. My tie. My…” He glanced around listlessly. “where?” He looked up at the ceiling as if he expected his tie to be duct taped up there.

“I tossed it on the floor.”

His gaze came down to her. “what?”

“It’s on the floor.”

“floor. floor? What?”

She guided him back down to the bed. “Sleep.”

He closed his eyes. “But…my tie. my…my…” He drifted off to sleep.

Missy smiled. “You’re just too pretty to be true.” She kissed him and covered him with his blanket. “My Raven.”


His hunger pangs woke Raven, but he didn’t get out of bed. He lay there, staring at the wall, trying to wish the hunger away.

It didn’t wish away.

It intensified.

He bunched his knees up.

The hunger jangled his nerves, forcing him into action.

He got out of bed, left his room, and kept walking.

Out of the house.

Out into the street.

Searching for a scent to chase.

He found one.

Blueberry cream pie.

His hunger raged, demanding satisfaction.

I will surely hate myself in the morning, but I can’t help it.

I’m hungry.

He ran towards the scent.

I am so hungry.

And he found it.

A young woman with mouse brown hair huddled in a recessed doorway. She pressed her thin body against the doors if she were trying to absorb any and all escaping heat.

Her scent pooled around her.

Raven put his hand to his mouth to keep himself from drooling.

She looked up at him with calm acceptance.

He uncovered his mouth and bared his fangs. “I’m terribly sorry, miss, but I am hungry.” He knelt before her and fingered her bony neck. “I am so hungry.”

The young woman smiled – a weary, old woman’s smile – right before he sank his fangs into her neck.


Raven opened his eyes.

That woman…

She was my second kill.

Raven shuddered. I had no idea what I was doing.

His fangs hit muscle and bone. Her body spasmed from the pain. He tried again and again.

Her neck was a mauled up mess by the time he was all done with her.

Fortunately, I have improved over the years.

He frowned.

Missy is being simply too quiet.


He sat up and his day exhaustion knocked him back down.

He closed his eyes again.

Why is she so quiet?

What if?

I need to find her.

I need to…need to…need…

Sleep reclaimed him.

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