Part 724 – Rejection

Ambrose laid down in the long grasses. He watched their gentle movements against the warmed blue sky. They whispered shurred words to the wind in their own secret language.

And the sun shined bright.

She’ll be here soon.

He tucked his hands under his head and thought about her frizzy red hair. He smiled as he thought about the ways she struggled to keep it looking sane and orderly.

But it was undeniably frizzy.

Does she know how much I love it? Its color. Its delicious disorder.

Does she know how much I love her?


He sat up and shluffed the bits of grass and such out of his hair.

“There you are.” The wind played with the carefully arranged curls which hung from the back of her hairstyle. She wore a green gown with broad black stripes running in diagonals down to her waistline.

He smiled and watched her approach. “Took you long enough. I’ve been waiting out here for hours.”

“That’s a shame.” She stopped in front of him. “Because what I need to say will take only five, maybe ten minutes.”

His smile fell. “What’s wrong?”


He stood. “Rebecca.”

“I’ve thought it over in my head. I enjoyed our time together, but—” She shrugged. “I feel like I can do better than you.”

He stared at her, not understanding the words coming out of her mouth.

“I know I can do much better than you.”

“I don’t understand. What did I do wrong?”

“A lady of good breeding doesn’t speak of such matters. Suffice it to say, you aren’t good enough for me.”


“That’s all I really wanted to say. I’m sure a gentleman of your quality and genial appearance will have no difficulty in finding a woman who’s willing to accept you.”

He frowned. “You accepted me plenty last night.”

“As I said, I had time to think about it. You aren’t enough for me.”

“You thought about it.” He hurt as if she’d pummeled him. “You thought about me and you reached this conclusion. Rebecca. Do you not love me?”

“What made you believe that love had anything to do with what we did?”

The hurt made him want to fall to his knees, but he stayed on his feet. “Because I love you. The way you touched me. The words that you said. Were they all but nothing?”

“No. I meant it. Last night, I meant it. Yet, that was last night. We were caught in a tidal wave of emotions and—-”

“Stop. If you intend to say only hurtful things, stop.” He wanted to turn away from her, but he refused to show her that moment of weakness. “Is there nothing more that I could do? Is there no way for me to woo you back?”

“I will be fair to you, Ambrose. This was your first time. Perhaps you will improve with practice?”


Ambrose opened his eyes and rolled onto his back.

I’ve had plenty of ‘practice’ since then.


What if I am not enough for Barbara?

He closed his eyes.

What if she rejects me?

What if—

Robin’s voice set the house’s silence to wreck and ruin. He kept yelling and over-abusing the word “stupid”.

Ambrose tried to ignore him, but Robin’s voice grew louder. He growled. “I’ll show him the meaning of ‘stupid’.”

He got out of bed and stormed out of the room.

Just in time to see someone drag Robin into a room.

Ambrose marched over there and kicked the door open.

A man in a dingy Detroit Tigers jacket and faded blue jeans shoved Robin onto the bed.

I’ll ask questions later.

Ambrose extended his claws and charged at the man. “DIIIIIEEE!”

“Huh?” The man yelped as he saw Ambrose coming at him. He lost his wits in a fit of panic and ran towards Ambrose.

Of course, he got tackled and knocked to the floor.

Ambrose bared his fangs and growled.

The man shriveled. “Look. I was just—”



“What were you doing to Robin?”

“Nothing! I just brought him up here—” He yelped as Ambrose lowered his mouth to his neck. “—so the little lady didn’t have to do all the hard lifting.”

Ambrose’s claws and fangs retracted. “Little lady?” He raised his head. “Is she here?”

“Yes. She’s with that other guy. That sloopy haired fellow.”

Ambrose sat up.

She’s with Raven? Why?

“Can I go now?”

Ambrose looked down at him.

“I swear I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”


Barbara’s with Raven?

“Fine.” He stood.

The man scurried to the door and escaped.

Ambrose looked over at Robin, who’d fallen asleep.

Why would Barbara be with Raven?

Only one way to find out.

He walked to Raven’s room.

What if?

What if?

He opened the door.


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