Part 718 – A Meditation Vision For Hildreth.

Hildreth dug his fingernails into the porch railing as Elsie backed her car out of the driveway.

It isn’t fair. Our time together is always too short. I want to spend hours and days with her.

I want to spend my whole life with her.

My lovely fierce Elsie.

She drove away.

He sighed and released the porch rail.

“Well. Time to go veg out before I get my much needed sleep.”

He went inside and turned on the tv. The “Alma Maximus Candy Hour” was on.

“To make the perfect taffy, you need to streeeeeeetcchhh it and streeeeeeeeetchhh it until it has the right consistency. But be careful!” Alma readjusted her Roman Legion helmet. “If you don’t streeeeeetcchhh it enough times, it will have an unpleasant goo texture that—-”

“A female cook dressed like a male extra from Ben Hur?” Hildreth nodded his head. “Yep. This will work. I can totally veg out to this.”


Elsie parked her car in her driveway.

She thought about Hildreth and she couldn’t help but smile.

He is so right for me.

She entered her house and went downstairs to her training room.

As she punched and kicked her punching dummy, she saw Hildreth’s face. His light brown hair. His green-blue eyes. The shape of his smile.

The lovely feel of his kiss.

The touch of his hands.

The sound of his laugh.

Desire glowed hot inside of her.

She punched faster.

Kicked harder.

Until tiredness set in.

She stopped and went upstairs.

Shower first.

Sleep second.

Then, I’ll see him later today.

That lovely, beautiful idiot.


Half-way through Alma’s demonstration of how to make candied minestrone soup, Hildreth fell asleep.

And he dreamed.

Elsie fought a crowd of vampires. She was a frizzy, black-haired dynamo of kicks and blows. The vampires fell just at her touch.

Hildreth smiled and reveled in her display of power.

She was down to her last vampire.

The air changed and chilled.

The last vampire was Ambrose.

He held out his hands. “Elsie. Dance with me.”

She hesitated and backed away from him.

Hildreth wanted to rush forward and help her, but he was not an active participant in this dream.

Just an outside observer.

Ambrose smiled – a slow, seductive smile – and took Elsie into his arms.

She melded into his embrace as if she were a part of him.

He waltzed her around the room.

She let him lead. She followed his every move and whim with enthrallment bright in her eyes.

As they neared the end of the dance, her enthrallment deepened into lust. “Ambrose.”

He stopped.

And she began.

Her fingers rolled up his face and into his hair.

He tossed his head back. “Elsie.” His voice was a humid summer night.

And she couldn’t resist.

Ambrose met Hildreth’s gaze and smirked. “She’s mine.”

She kissed him as if she were trying to steal all of the breath from his body.

He gladly returned the favor.


Hildreth jolted awake. He sat up, trembling.


She wouldn’t do that.

She loves me.

She doesn’t want him anymore.

She’s made that clear.




He shuddered and went to his training room. He sat in the middle of the floor, closed his eyes and focused on his breathing.

He saw Elsie.

She stood before him in a ravishing crimson ballgown. The plunging neckline was accentuated with garnets and rubies that sparkled with every breath she took. Her neck was completely bare. Her cleavage totally on display.

He smiled. Darn it! She’s so hot.

She turned from him and faced a whole line-up of Ambroses and only one Hildreth. They all held out a necklace and called out her name.

Each Ambrose held a different necklace. One had a black lace choker. Another had a necklace with a black-red pendant shaped like a crescent moon.

She walked down their line, examining their wares, but accepting none of them.

Then, she reached Hildreth.

His necklace was an awesome statement piece of river pearls and diamonds.

She smiled and took it from him.

All of the Ambroses disappeared, leaving her alone with Hildreth.

He opened his eyes and he felt peace.

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