Part 713 – ‘Cause I’m Dreaming Of You Tonight

Isellta stood in the doorway dressed in a black tank top and white boxer shorts.

As a provocative look, it was pretty much fail. At least, according to Robin’s definitions of both fail and provocative.

But then, Isellta leaned his head against the door frame. “Robin.” He sighed. “I’m tired.”

He looked so soft and sweet it suddenly didn’t matter what he was wearing.

Robin ran to him.

Isellta opened his eyes and managed a shy smile and wing flutter before….


Robin woke up.

He let out an irritated roar and punched a hole in the arm rest.

I ain’t sure what bugs me more: the fact that I had a freakin’ steamy dream about stupid Isellta or the fact that it ended way too soon.

Either way…DARN IT!

He rolled onto his side.

And fell out of his seat.

Stupid Isellta.


He sat up.

What if he is playin’ me?

What if he’s just waitin’ for me to get too close so he can laugh at me for being such a stupid, easy dupe?

And he’ll leave me.

I should be careful if he comes back. If I find him, I shouldn’t show any eagerness. I should pull back.

And what? Keep treatin’ him the same as always?

Keep on hurtin’ him and yellin’ at him?

And what? Make him run away again? Yeah. Real brainiac idea there, Robin.


He wouldn’t hurt me like that.

Would he?

He can’t be that cruel.

Can he?

Darn it! These questions are stupider than stupid. There’s too many of ’em and none of ’em have a single decent answer. And they’re just stupid.

Stupid stupid stupid.

He crawled back into the bench seat and bunched his knees up again.

He won’t hurt me.

I know he won’t.

Stupid little fey with that stupid fey face of his and that stupid fey voice and…

His day exhaustion hit him and he yielded to its demands.

And he fell into another dream about Isellta.

This time, however, he didn’t wake up too soon. The dream played out all the way to the end.

Much to his relief.


Raven tried to stay focused on Missy, but his head hurt and his eyelids kept trying to stay closed.

“You should go lie down somewhere.” said Antioch.

“No.” His head drifted downwards. He startled and raised his head. “Staying here. I am staying right here.” He focused on her. Missy. I am here.

Antioch sighed inside his surgical mask. “You are my lord and you gave me a command. I must obey you. You can trust me to obey you.”

Raven shook his head, which made his headache worse. “I cannot trust you. No matter what, I cannot. I…” He slumped down to his knees. “I…” He pressed his head against the bed’s metal fall guard. “You are…You…”

He tumbled to the floor. “You…”

His eyes closed and stayed closed.


Raven woke up.

The room was dark.

He sat up quickly.

Antioch was gone.

He stumbled up to his feet.

Missy was gone as well.

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