Part 705 – Raven Lords It Over Antioch

“Well.” said Robin. “That was an act of sheer stupid. Raven coulda just snapped his fingers and been like, ‘Hey, Antioch. Quit bein’ such a stupid faced toad. Fix my girl or get a face full of my wrath.’ Jeez! How hard would that have been?”

Raven sighed. “I prefer not to comment, sir.”

“Ehh, I bet you don’t.”

Raven turned back to her. “Missy. Are you all right?”

She shook her head. Those memories…

“I am sorry.” He continued to rub her wrist.

Those memories…Make them stop, Raven. Make them stop.

He released her wrist and hugged her.

She cried into his neck.

“Shh. I’m here. I’m here.”


Robin watched Raven and Missy be miserable together.


Stupid fey.

Stupid little fey with his skinny body and bright, curious eyes.

I want to hold him like that and feel him hug me in return.


If he wants more than that.

A kiss.

Or more.

He remembered how it felt to kiss that fake Isellta. How it made him feel.


I ain’t so sure how we’d do anythin’ more than kissin’, but we’d figure somethin’ out.

He shook his head as he realized just what he was contemplating. What. the. flippin’. freakin’. heck?

Robin walked over to Antioch and kicked him. “Hey. You’ve had enough sleepy time. Up.” He kicked him again.

Missy transformed into XQ and snarled at him.

“What? We’re wastin’ time. I wanna go home and get some real sleep before night comes again.”

Raven cleared his throat. “Excuse me, sir, but I fail to see how kicking him will accomplish anything.”

“So says the vampire who changed him. Gee. I don’t know. I can’t seem to remember how that FREAKIN’ accomplished anything.”

“Robin. Let me handle this.”

“Fine. Have a party without me. I’m gonna go fall asleep in a corner somewhere.”


As Robin wandered off, the white haired vampire startled out of his post-blood high sleep. He scuttled away from Raven.

“Antioch. You will undo everything you have ever done to her.”

He shook his head. “She’s too valuable.”

Raven stood and extended his claws.

XQ transformed back into Missy and grabbed his nearest arm. Raven.

He looked down at her. Her skin still radiated XQ’s glow, but it was starting to fade.

Don’t hurt him. Not again. Please not again.

“As you wish.” His claws retracted. “Antioch. I am your lord. You will obey me whether you like it or not, whether you will it or not. You will do as I say.”

Antioch’s eyes glazed over. He returned to Missy and Raven and bowed to Raven. “I will obey, my lord.”

Raven smiled. “Very good, sir.”


Robin staggered into the waiting room and curled up on one of the bench seats. It wasn’t particularly comfortable. It needed to be at least 6 -10 inches longer at the head and the feet and an easy 60 inches wider to meet Robin’s definition of comfort.

But he was too tired to whine or fuss about it.

He bunched his knees up, hoped he wouldn’t tumble off, and fell asleep.


Raven could barely keep his eyes open or stand up straight.

But he stayed at Missy’s side the whole time as Antioch worked on fixing her.

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