Part 670 – Another Memory Of Initskay

Stay focused.

Don’t think.

Don’t stare at the mega-hot hunter next to you.



Listen to what is external, not internal.






Footsteps splooshed across the snow-covered roof on the five story building to their right.

Both hunters stopped and got into position.

Elsie pulled two stakes out of her gauntlet. Bring it on, vamps. I’m ready.

Hildreth unholstered his Bossman 550. He aimed it at the roof and waited.

“Ahhhh-hahahaha! Geronimoooooooooo!” Someone vaulted off the roof. “Ahhhhh-hahaha….oh. Shoot. Waaaah—”

He splatted face-first on the street.

“What the heck, man?”

Elsie relaxed her position. “Hildreth. Did we just witness a suicide or —”

She let out an involuntary shriek as the roof jumper scraggled into a sit.

“Ah. So, I can’t fly. That’s good to know.”

“I’m gonna repeat my previous statement.  What the heck, man?”

He rubbed his nose. “Nothing’s broken. Also good to know.”

“Okay. You’re obviously not going to tell me what the heck.” Hildreth pointed his Bossman 550 at him.

“Waaah! What the heck, man?”

“My question exactly.”

“Look. I just got turned. I’m still trying to figure stuff out. Point your weapon somewhere else. Or go find some other vampire to pick on.”

“Have you had your first meal?” asked Elsie.


“As a vampire. Have you bit someone already?”

“Ohh. Well. I kinda had to. I was nearly dying from hunger or thirst or whatever the heck that feeling was. Nearly got myself killed in the process. Let me tell you: Becoming a vampire is not for wimps. The whole changing over process hurts. Being hungry hurts. Being out in the sun (bad idea) makes ya tired and hurts. I have this bad feeling that there are plenty of other things that can make a vampire hurt. I’m scared to find out what they are.”

“Lucky for you—” Elsie returned to her fighting stance. “—I’m not going to give you a chance to find out.”

“Huh?” Then, he noticed the stakes in her hands. “Waaah!”

Elsie kicked him in the chest and knocked him on his back. She dived at him.

He rolled to his side and scurried up to his feet.

Hildreth fired a bolt at him. It struck the vampire in the shoulder.

The vampire gaped. “Well, that hurt. A lot.” He turned tail and ran.

The two hunters ran after him.


Hildreth outpaced Elsie easily and pursued the vampire into a badly lit alley.

All the way to the end.

The vampire spun around.

Hildreth fired another bolt at him.

Hit his shoulder again.

“Gaah! You need to stop doing that. I’m gonna get a permanent bruise there or something.”

“Not my problem.”

“Oh, come on! I’m just a stupid newbie to this. Can’t you spare me a break?”

“Don’t see why I should.”

“Because….uhhh…You’re a nice guy.”

“That’s true. I am a very nice guy. Not to vampires, though. Vampires don’t deserve it. They’re monsters.”

“I’m a vampire and I’m not a monster.”

“Because you’re new. As you figure things out, you’ll harden.”

Master Initskay pinned the girl against the wall. His fangs were already inside her neck.

I should stop him.

I need to stop him.

“You’ll become cruel.”

Master Initskay came out of the blood high. He looked straight at Hildreth and smiled. Her blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth.  He licked his lips. “This is your fault, Mayhew. You could have staked me. Ended me before I could begin. This girl’s death is on YOUR head.”

“You will be staked. You will have to be staked.”


Master Shinowa? What is it? What’s wrong?”


Hildreth’s breath caught in his throat. “Is he…Has he been…”

“Yes. This morning at noon o’clock, Master Initskay was staked. I am sorrow for you, Mayhew. I know he was like—-“

“Please go. Please. Leave me alone.”


“I said, leave me alone. I can’t talk. I can’t…I…” Something inside of him snapped shut and locked. “Go.”

Hildreth pulled the trigger.

The vampire cried out as he fell.


4 thoughts on “Part 670 – Another Memory Of Initskay”

    1. 😆 Yep. Mega-hot. 😆

      I wrote most of that first half at work today during lunch. I was lurking in the corner, typing secretly on my Nook and sniggering to myself. Not looking at all suspicious. 😀 Nope.

      Originally, the roof jumper was going to be aiming to land on Hildreth, but I thought it would be a whole lot more interesting/funnier if the vampire was trying to see if he could fly.

      I also considered titling this chapter “What The Heck, Man?” just for the fun of it. Then , the whole second half happened and that settled that.

      Liked by 1 person

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