Part 667 – Daydreaming Of You

Barbara stood against the wall and watched him sweep up the dust bunnies and such from under her desk.

Watching him quickly escalated to admiring him.

His shaggy black hair.

His broad shoulders.

Strong arms.

Beautiful hands.

Well-shaped back.

He isn’t scrawny, but he sure doesn’t look like he’s trying to audition for the next Wolverine movie. He’s just right.

He’s perfect.

Her face turned red.

Does he think these sort of thoughts about me?

Her face turned a couple of degrees warmer.

I hope so. I’d be disappointed if he didn’t.

Not that I would ever admit such a thing out loud. Just thinking it is shocking enough. “So. What are your plans for tonight?”

He dumped the load of fluff and debris into the garbage can. “I was planning to go to The Cardboard Box to see if our wedding rings are ready for pick-up. They said they would call me, but I’m feeling something between hyper and impatient. I just want to know.”

“Can I come with you?”

He smiled. “I was hoping you would.”

If he weren’t a vampire, if he were just an ordinary guy named Ambrose Smith, would we have met? Are we one of those couples who were destined to meet no matter what or when? Or would we have spent our lives on separate lines never knowing that the other existed?

He pushed her chair up against her desk.

How many things about our courtship would have been different if he weren’t a vampire?

“You okay, Barbara?”

“Hmm? Just daydreaming about you.”

“Oh? Would you care to share it with the rest of the room?”

“Mm. Probably not.”

He grinned. “Would those daydreams be the reason why your face is such a becoming shade of red?”


He came to her and stroked her face. “You naughty little minx.”

She giggled. “They aren’t those kind of thoughts.”

“But they’re enough to make you blush.”

“Maybe. Or maybe it’s just the nearness of you.”

He exhaled softly. “Barbara.”

The expression in his eyes almost made her knees melt. “Ambrose.” She laid her hands on his shoulders to keep herself from falling.


It’s too late.

I’ve already fallen.

So fast.

So hard.

And I couldn’t be happier.


Ambrose put his cleaning supplies away.

As he walked through the double glass doors, he saw her leaning back against the front of her desk.

She turned her head and smiled at him.

He stood still.

A flurry of images from a possible future fluttered through his mind.

Barbara in a wedding veil looking up into his eyes.

Barbara waking beside him with her hair in playful disarray.

Barbara welcoming him home with her arms thrown joyously around his neck.

Barbara holding their child with love and joy in her eyes.

They took his breath away.

Barbara stood up straight. “You ready to go?”

The images bronzed and faded, but the feeling they created remained.

He walked up to her and hugged her without saying a word.

She returned his hug without question.




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