Part 666 – Just A Lovely Love Fest Of Love Stuff

Ambrose opened his eyes as the kiss came to an end. “Barbara.”

I shouldn’t be this happy. It’s an invitation for disaster. Something’s going to happen. Something’s going to go wrong.

Mark Caten is going to crash our wedding with a stake-wielding crowd of hunters. Or maybe he’d just bring them.


And Elsie.

Yeah. That seems to be more like his level of nasty. I’d have to fight and maybe kill Elsie on my wedding day.


He smiled.

My wedding day.

His smile grew.

My wedding.

“What are you smiling so big about?” asked Barbara.

“I’m going to get married. After so many years of living alone and longing for that one special person, I’m going to get married. But it’s even more than that. I want to be married. I want to be married to you. I want to be with you. Just you. I don’t want anyone else. Not even Elsie. Just wonderful, sparkling you.”

She hugged him. “It’s going to come so fast.”

“Barbara. Is this…Is this what you really want? Do you really want to marry me? If you don’t, if you’re marrying me out of some sort of misplaced pity—-”

“Ambrose.” She released him. “I’m not stupid. I know my own mind. I know what I want. I want you because I love you. I want to marry you because I can’t imagine marrying anyone else. There is no one else who can make me feel as much as you make me feel.” She grinned. “The fact that you’re super hot is a nice bonus.”

He laughed out loud. “Super hot? Really?”

“Mm-hmm. So hot you go way beyond 98.6.”

He laughed again. “That sounds like the world’s worst pick up line.”

She giggled. “Oh my gosh. It does! But, you know? It is true.”

He kissed her forehead. “I’d better get back to work.”

“Mm. Do you have to?”

“Well, I don’t want Sammy to come in and find us being all smoochy-faced. He’d make the building collapse and/or explode.”

“And then he’d fire you.”

“Yep. Just me.”

“I love you.”

Ambrose’s pupils widened as he saw in his mind the differences in their life lines.

Her line is so thin and delicate. So many things can cause it to snap. My line is so strong. Only one thing can break it. Just one.

I could change that with one bite.

But I don’t want her to be like me. It wouldn’t make her happy. That sparkle I love so much would disappear. And it would be gone forever.

And she wouldn’t be happy.

“Barbara, I want to make you happy.”

“You do.” She kissed him again. “Believe me. You do.”


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