Part 665 – It’s Official: Mark Caten Is A Creeper.

Mark Caten swirled the red wine in his cut crystal glass as he watched the action on the monitor.

He smirked and took a sip.

The action took a lot longer than he’d expected, which made him smirk all the more.

Then, it ended.

They separated and turned away from each other.

He took another sip before zooming in on her face.

There was no missing Preyuna’s obvious frustration and discontentment.

“Aww, poor thing. Her new boy toy wasn’t up to snuff.” He laughed. “I’m surprised she thought he would be. Wimpy little fey is practically a girl.”

He swirled the last half-inch of wine.

How long will it take her to come running to me? Two minutes, tops. Anything longer than that wouldn’t be realistic.

I’m just that hot.

Mark Caten glanced at the staticked out Pinkerlee monitors. His good mood soured.


He drank the last sip of his wine and set the glass on the side table next to him.

How long is that no talent hack of a hunter going to keep me waiting?

I want him dead.

I want Ambrose Smith dead!


Ambrose swept the tile floor by the front door. He grinned. “I can feel you watching me.”

Barbara shrugged. “It’s an interesting spectacle: A vampire sweeping the floor.”

“Is that so? More interesting than a vampire trying to get his sleep?”

“Oh, no. Nothing will ever surpass that. You look so soft and helpless when you’re sleeping.”

“Soft AND helpless?”


“Even when I’m wearing a tank top?”

“Especially when you’re wearing a tank top.”

He laughed. “Are you trying to call me flabby?”

She giggled. “Nope. Just extra cuddly looking.”


“Well. You are very heavy.”

“Ha! You brat.” He swept the pile of dust into the scoop. “It’s all muscle, love.”


Barbara leaned back in her seat as he switched to the vacuum cleaner.

I love him.

I love him so much.

I want to wrap my arms around him and hold him tight.

I want him to touch me and tell me that he loves me.

I want him to always love me. Hm. That sounds kind of selfish, but it is so true.

I want his kisses and no one else’s.

Ambrose shut off the vacuum and came over to her desk. He ran a anti-bacterial wipe across the counter. Although, it was more like he death-marched the wipe across it. He was not in any particular hurry. His gaze kept coming and going back to her.

Barbara reveled in his nearness and his loving glances. “You know, if you don’t kiss me by the time this night is over, I will have to do something about it.”

He grinned and came around to her side of the desk. “Then, by all means, do something about it.”

She stood. “If you insist…”

Barbara kissed him.

There should be a rogue breeze blowing through our hair.

There should be fireworks and cannons exploding left and right.

A brass band should be playing the “Star Spangled Banner”.

But there isn’t any of that stuff going on.

It’s just me kissing the man I love.


Outside, the snow started to melt.


6 thoughts on “Part 665 – It’s Official: Mark Caten Is A Creeper.”

    1. 😆 Thanks!

      As I finished the chapter before this one (Isellta….Afterwards), I just knew that Mark Caten was watching. Because, yeah. He totally would. He really is a creep.

      And I just feel so bad for Isellta. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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