Part 663 – Antioch Busters!

“So.” Raven breathed the words into Antioch’s ear. “What do you say? Sir?”


Raven ran his index fingers along Antioch’s cheekbones. “I will warn you: If you refuse me, I will bite you. I will change you. I will be your lord and you will have no choice in the matter. You will be compelled to obey my every command.”

“Fine. You win.”

Raven smiled. “That wasn’t too painful, was it?”

Antioch beamed benevolence. “Not at all. XQ. COME.”

Robin reluctantly released his death grip on Antioch’s arms.

Missy approached him.

“Come closer. Good XQ. You’re a very good girl. One step closer.”

Something isn’t right.

She took a nervous step back.



Danger. Raven! dangerdangerdangerdangerdanger


Antioch kneed Raven and, as the vampire reacted, grabbed his hand, squeezed the second knuckle on his index finger, extending his claw, and swiped it at Missy’s throat.

She blocked in time. So, it only sliced her arm. Blood dripped down in lazing drops. She backed away, cradling her arm.

Raven crumpled.

Robin slugged Antioch repeatedly while calling him a whole long laundry list of PG-13 curse words.

Raven doubled over.

Missy rushed to his side. My pretty shirtless Raven.

He winced and looked up at her. “My Missy. Leave him behind. Come with me.”

I can’t.

“He tried to kill you. Think about that, Missy. He tried to slice your throat open.”

She frowned.

“Come home. Missy, let me be your home.”

She stroked his hair and his bare shoulders. I love you, Raven.


You’re just so pretty. It’s almost insulting how pretty you are.

Robin screamed – a horrible, panic-stricken scream.

Raven raised his head.

Antioch dragged a piece of the door’s shrapnel through Robin’s scar.

Missy transformed into XQ and charged at the white-haired man.

Antioch barely had a chance to glance her way.

She barreled into his chest and knocked him onto his back.

He landed on the broken door.

Release me or die. Her voice was cracking wood and sizzling steam.

He winced. “You won’t kill me. You can’t. You need me.”

She stepped on him. One fiery paw at a time.


Release me, Master. Let me leave. Let me go.

“I need you.”

Her paws blackened holes in his shirt.

“I care for you. I protect you.”

You stole my voice.

The holes curled and widened.

He gasped. “I made you into something wonderful and powerful. Look at you. Look at what you can do. That is because of me. Everything you are is because of me.”

Release me. Let me leave. Let me go.

He sucked in a breath as her flames discovered his skin.

Release me, Antioch. Now.

“You think burning me alive will accomplish anything? It won’t. You’ll still be bound to this place. You will never….Uhhh!…XQ! Don’t kill me.”

Release me.

He visibly trembled as the flames bit and ate his skin. “XQ. STOP. RELEASE ME.”

After you release me.

“Okay. Okay. I will release you. Please.”

Her tail swished aggressively.

Return my voice. Let me go. I will release you.

He clenched his teeth. “Okay.”

She stepped off of him and pulled all of her flames and heat back into her body.

He lay there, gasping for breath.

I’m waiting.

He sat up and rubbed his chest. “Well. You know I can’t just do it here. And I can’t do it alone. I need my surgical team.”

Her tail went still.

“What are you saying, sir?” asked Raven.

“I’m saying that you will have to wait until tomorrow. I can’t do this alone. Too many things can happen. Too many things can go wrong. I need my surgical team.”

Raven walked over to her and scratched the back of her head.

She squinched her eyes and pushed her head up into his hand.

Antioch’s mouth went down into a flat-line.

Raven looked straight at the other man. “I will stay here with her. Whether you like it or not.” He smiled at her. “I will not leave you again.”

My lovely pretty shirtless Raven.

“My Missy.”


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