Part 654 – Robin’s Revelation

Robin walked beside Raven in silence. Until his thoughts dipped and turned to Isellta. And he just couldn’t keep silent anymore.

“So, you and this Missy chick—”

Raven side-glanced at him.

“—you’ve hooked up?”

“I beg your pardon, sir, but what?”

“You know, hooked up.” He made vague hand gestures that failed to give Raven any helpful hints. “Done the bedroom thing. You. Her. On a bed. Naked. Gettin’ all touchy feely. Bodies touchin’ and stuff. Any of this sound like somethin’ you guys done?”

Raven looked appalled. “Hardly.” He thought about it for a few steps. “She has seen me shirtless. And slept next to me while I was shirtless. And taken my clothes off.”


“Nothing more than that, sir.”

“Why? You ain’t ugly. Kind of on the skinny side, but I bet you look good under all that frippery stuff you wear.”

Raven gave him a “What the heck?” look.

“Not that I think that sort of thing about other guys. I don’t. I’m just sayin’.”

“It has nothing to do with outward appearances, sir. It’s a matter of propriety.”


“It isn’t proper for an unmarried man and woman to…” He scented the air.


“Hungry.” He smiled, baring his fangs. “And something smells good.”

“Well. I already had somethin’ to eat while you were busy sleepin’ in. I’ll go wait for you in the park.”

“Very good, sir.”

“And make it quick.”

“Yes, sir.”


Robin sat on a bench in the park and wanted to die. Not a specific kind of death. Just a generalized knocked-over, no longer living, stopped breathing sort of death.

Raven probably thinks I was trying to hit on him. Or whatever they called it in his century. And if he does think that, he is just stupid and wrong.

He ain’t even my type.

Too skinny.

Not that I have a type when it comes to cute guys.

Gaah! I don’t even think guys are cute.

Isellta’s face appeared in his mind.

Isellta is…

Isellta looked up at him and smiled. His wings beat a happy rhythm.


That’s what he is.

Just stupid.

Isellta looked at him with frank curiosity.

Stupid fey.

Isellta wiped the blood off his face in soft, gentle strokes.

I sure as heck don’t got any feelings for him. As for love, HA! He can only wish.

But I’m off to find him.



Why the heck?

“Aish ka no me nae si na.”

“I don’t love him. I know I don’t. So, why?”

“That doesn’t make sense. If I kill you, I’ll never see you again. Why would I want to do that?”



Have I been that blockheaded?


Is Isellta…

He flipped through his memories of Isellta and saw each one from a different angle, in a different light.

Oh. My. Gosh.

It explains a lot.

Shoot. It explains ev’rythin’!

Raven licked his lips as he approached Robin. “I’m ready when you are, sir. Sir? Are you well? You seem rather—-”

“I’m fine! Stupid. stupid stupid stupid.”


Robin glared at him. “Shut up! I’m fine.” He stood and pushed Raven. “You gonna stand there all stupid-eyed? Let’s go.”

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