Part 652 – The Results Are In

Missy sat all huddled up in the corner. She watched the door, waiting for it to open.

Waiting for Antioch to return.

She knew he would return.

I wish lovely shirtless Raven would return instead.


She unhuddled herself. I could sit here waiting for lovely shirtless Raven to rescue me and that would be fine.


She walked over to the door. I could try to escape again and rescue myself and go back to my lovely pretty shirtless Raven who’ll be so glad to see me he’ll drop out of butler mode and start crying and weeping out of joy and then.

He’d kiss me.

Lovely pretty Raven will kiss me.

She grabbed the doorknob and tried to turn it.

Of course, it was locked.

She transformed into XQ and pressed her fiery head against the door.

catch fire. bend. break. let me go free. burn. burn.

The door opened.

She raised her head.

Antioch stood before her.

He smiled and crouched. “XQ. You should know by now that these doors are fireproof.” He rubbed behind her flaming, wolf-like ears.

She relaxed.

“Good girl. I’m sorry you had to wait so long for my return. I had to deal with a couple of phone calls from one of my colleagues. But I’m here now. And I will fix you.” He ran his gloved hand over her head. “You’ll never leave me again. You’ll never want to leave me.”

Antioch stood. “XQ. COME.”

She obeyed.

She followed him into the surgical suite.

The door closed and locked behind them.


Night fell…

Ambrose rolled onto his back and stretched out.


He opened his eyes and she wasn’t there.


I wish you were here, waking me gently with your touch.

I wish…


Ambrose sat up and grabbed the phone off the nightstand. He dialed the number for the STD clinic at The Cardboard Box. “Hello. Yes.” He laughed. “So, you recognize my voice. I feel like I should be flattered. Do you have the results?”

His heart went still.

“You do. What…”

He lost his voice.

“Yes. Yes, I’m here. I…What is it? Is it…How bad is it?”

He forgot how to breathe right as Steve relayed the results.

Each result made him tremble.

He wanted to cry.

“Yes.” He cleared his throat. “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

He ended the call and burst into a fit of hysterical tears.

Raven entered the room. “Sir, Robin and I are…Sir!” He ran to Ambrose’s side.

Ambrose got out of bed and hugged Raven. He cried into his neck.

“Sir! What…what has happened? What? Are you ill, sir?”

“No. I’m fine.” His tears turned into delirious laughter. “I’m fine.”

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