Part 621 – Looking For The Peace Of Memory

A couple of hooded red robed guards entered the control room.

Isellta regarded them with frank curiosity. Especially their black and red full face masks.

I wonder how I can steal one of those masks. Maybe if I asked, they would just give me one of their spares.


“Yes. Yes. There he is. Take him downstairs, lock him up, and throw away the key.”

“Sir. There is no key for the basement level.”

Mark Caten glared death spells at them. “Well. That is just stupid. No wonder we don’t use it any more. Fine. Just take him away and lock him up…somewhere.”

“Yes, sir.”

They marched over to Isellta.

He looked up at them. His mind racing fast. If I could still teleport, I would do it right now. I would teleport to wherever Robin is.

They grabbed his arms.

Isellta closed his eyes and tried to teleport.


I will find a way to get out of this.






Where is he? What was that room? Where was it?

He stopped in the middle of the hall.

It was a control room.

Would a place like this have two control rooms? Could they be that paranoid here?

Sure. Why not? Can’t think of a reason why they wouldn’t be.

He bared his fangs in an unpleasant smile.

I’ll find it. Even if I gotta tear through the walls and the mortar.


I will find you.



Raven sat back.

She sat up.

“Missy. We must escape.”


He winced. “But first we have to save Robin from his own foolishness. I have no idea how to go about this. I have not been following an escape plan, per se.”

She stared at him in solemn faced silence.

“It has been a bad case of jumping off cliffs and hoping for a parachute to spontaneously appear on my back.”

She shook her head.


no escape. I must stay here and wait for orders.

His heart sank. That explains why she is not guarded.

I am XQ.

“No, you are Missy.”


What am I supposed to do? If I force her to come while she is in her current mindset, it would be akin to kidnapping. She would not stay with me.

She would fear me.

“Do you remember me at all?”

Her expression went blank.

“XQ, do you remember me?”

She shook her head.

I had not counted on this happening. What can I do? How can I make her remember?

I could force my memories into her mind, but she would not understand. She would be afraid.

I tried to speak to her and that failed.

What more can I do?

What can I…

His mouth dropped open.

His ears turned red.


Raven removed his coat. He dusted off the street’s dirt and debris and checked for any damages. Satisfied with his inspections, he folded the coat in half and laid it smooth and flat on the bed.

She watched him – wary and uncertain.

He unbuttoned his suit coat and inspected it for frazzled stitches, dropped hems, missing buttons. Satisfied with his findings, he folded it in half and laid it on top of his coat.

He removed his tie and inspected it.

He unbuttoned his shirt.

What if this does not work either?

What if she assumes that I wish to behave dishonorably?

What if…

He unbuttoned his cuffs.

What if…

He untucked his shirt.

What if…

He took his shirt off and laid it unchecked on the bed.

What if…

He looked at her.

Her gaze traveled down his torso.

He could almost feel it speed bump down his ribs.

Missy. Remember.

Remember touching me.

Remember the feel of my skin. Its softness. Its heat.

The hardness of my bones.

The power inside my muscles.


Touch me again.

Let me feel your fingers on my chest again.

Kiss me.

Remember me.

Otherwise, I do not know what I will do.

Her gaze traveled from his belt buckle up to his chest.

It stopped at the mid-point.


Missy, remember me.

Please remember me.

Touch me and remember me.


She watched his chest rise and fall.

He’s breathing so fast.



Such pretty skin.

Looks soft.

She reached for him.


Raven curled his fingers into the blanket.


He closed his eyes as her fingers came in for a landing.


Her fingers touched his bare skin.


His body shuddered under her touch.


She stroked his skin.

He leaned his head back.

This is familiar.


Such pretty skin.

So soft.

So touchable.

She leaned forward and, without thinking about it, kissed the middle of his chest.

6 thoughts on “Part 621 – Looking For The Peace Of Memory”

    1. Thank you!

      I was going to have their love for Barnabas Collins books be the memory trigger, but I was like “Nope. It’s going to totally be his shirtlessness.” 😆 So poor Raven had to take his shirt off again. 😉

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