Part 619 – A Trick On The Elevator

“And here’s the elevator.”

Raven forced a smile onto his face. “Thank you so much for your guidance. I believe I can find my way back.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“That is not necessary, sir.”

“Trust me. It is.” Mirrored Sunglasses pressed the elevator call button.

Raven watched the glowing numbers count down.

I am running out of time.

I must act fast.

“Were you planning to board the elevator with me, sir?”

“Of course. Can’t have you skulking about.”

“Of course.” He glanced up at the glowing numbers.




“You do have your responsibilities, sir.”


“And I have mine.”

The door opened.

Mirrored Sunglasses grabbed Raven’s arm and pulled him onto the elevator. “Push the button.”

Raven smiled. “As you wish, sir.”

He pressed the button to close the doors.

The doors slid shut.

“Oh. Oh, dear.”


Raven shook his head. “That cannot be good.”


“The first floor button is not working.”

“What? Let me see.” He barged over to the control panel.

Raven spread his hands on Mirrored Sunglasses back.

The other man stiffened.


He relaxed.

“You have had a busy day. Is that not so, sir?”

He nodded.

“Of course and it is so late.”

He nodded. “Late.”

“They work you so hard. Never let you rest. Never give you a break.”

“Five minute break and that’s all.”

“Well, sir.” He slid his hands up to the man’s neck and whispered, “This is your chance.”


“To sleep for as long as you want.”


“No one will see.”

“No one.”

“No one will know.”

“No one.”

He guided him to the floor. “Rest.”


Raven released him.

The man voluntarily laid down up against the wall.

“Rest and sleep.”

His breathing softened into a sleep pattern.

Raven unsheathed his claws.

He looked down at the sleeping man and thought about it.

His claws retracted. “I will spare you this time, sir. Just do not get in my way again.” He pressed the Open Doors button.

The doors slid open.


Raven stepped off the elevator.


He turned the right corner and walked past the nurses station.

Missy, I am coming.

He found the drinking fountain.


He looked across the hall.

A closed door.

A sign marked Recovery Room.

A sense of doom and terror came over him, paralyzing him.

Right now, she might be all right.

She might be sleeping.

She might be so many things.

She might be alive and well.

Until I open that door and reveal the truth.

And what is the truth?

Do I want to see?

Do I want to know?

I ought to leave her.

I ought to run home so I will never know. So she will always be fine. She will always be all right. She will always be in that room sleeping peacefully.

No harm.

No hurt.

And Missy is happy and well.

He crossed the hall.

I cannot leave her like this.

I must know.

Even if it hurts.



He stopped outside the door.


There was no response.


He opened the door.


He went inside.


2 thoughts on “Part 619 – A Trick On The Elevator”

    1. 😆

      If it’s any consolation, it could have been worse. As I was writing through this whole escapade, I was worried about it running too long. I considered stopping somewhere mid-stream just to check on my other characters. But I figured doing that would mess with the whole flow going on. 🙂 So, I just kept on going.

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