Part 618 – Watching Reality TV In Silent Mode

Mark Caten looked down at the fey. “Well.Well. Well. Look at the crummy rodent hiding in my control room. Come to destroy more expensive equipment?”

“Is Robin here?”

“Robin?” He shrugged. “Don’t know.  Don’t care. I have more important matters on my mind than some unknown fool named Robin.”

“Like what?” What could be more important than Robin’s whereabouts?

“Like you.”

Isellta blinked quickly. “Me?”

“Yes. You were Olessa Caten’s assistant. You, by all rights, belong to me. All of the knowledge inside your head belongs to me.”

Isellta took a nervous step back. His wings flittered.


Robin watched the human and the fey on the monitor. There was no sound. So, it was anyone’s guess as to what they were saying.

He focused on Isellta’s body language.

The nervous wing flittering.

The way he pulled his shoulders forward.

He focused on Isellta’s face.

The uncertainty.

The fear.


“I’ve given this a lot of consideration. I wasn’t really sure what to do with you when you first got here, but now that I’ve thought it over? Now, I know. I’m going to drag you kicking and screaming to The Institute and have them clear all of the knowledge out of your head.”

Isellta shook his head. “You can’t.”

Mark Caten punched him.


Robin snarled.

I’ll kill him!


Isellta shrank away from him.

Robin. Where are you?

“No one ever tells me what I ‘can’t’ do. I am Mark Caten. I am entitled to the extreme. You.” He smirked. “Well, you’re just a little flake of nothing.”


“A little flake of fey nothing.”

Robin, this man…

“Fey are cheap labor. Cheap, stupid labor. Why else would Olessa hire you?”

I can’t make sense of him. He’s horrible and cruel. He wants to hurt me.

And he doesn’t make sense!

Mark Caten’s eyes seemed to sparkle. “The Institute will clear all the knowledge out of your head. I’ll siphon through and collect the bits I want or I need and take everything that belongs to me.”

Isellta’s wings flittered in a jittery panic. “What will happen to me? What will I be?”

“Completely empty-headed.”  Mark Caten smiled.

Isellta hated his smile.

It was just like Olessa’s.

Robin! Help me!


Robin’s anger cooled.

This is my fault.

This is my fault for pushin’ him away.

“Isellta.” He stroked the fey’s image. “I’m sorry.”

I will find you.

I will rescue you.

I promise.

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