Part 616 – I See You, But You Can’t See Me

Raven found the stairs.

He ran up to the second floor.

I’m coming, Missy.

Be all right.

He could barely breathe.

Please be all right.


Robin found a door that was not locked.

He opened it.

He went inside.

The room was dark and lit blue by a thousand TV monitors along the back wall.

“What is this?” he whispered.

None of the TVs had any dials to turn or buttons to push.

Each monitor displayed a different image.

People typing on their computers.

Different rooms.

Different hallways.

A cafeteria.

And another room filled with monitors.

He laughed. “A monitor room monitoring another monitor room. Nice. No paranoia here.”

His pupil widened.

His mouth dropped open.

There was someone in the other monitor room.

A man sitting on the floor.

Slender build.

His large black wings flittered.

“It can’t be him.”


Isellta’s wings flittered again.

It just doesn’t make sense.

None of it.

He yelled at me.

He slapped me.


Why does he still make me feel?

And what is this that I feel?

What is the word for it?

What is its name?


He raised his head as someone entered the room.


Robin’s heart pounded inside his brain as he recognized that profile, that familiar face.


He stroked the image on the screen.

Where are you?

A man walked into the camera’s line of sight.

Robin saw his profile.

Robin’s breath caught in his throat.

It’s a man. It’s clearly a man.

But…that face.

The man turned to completely face the camera.

It’s Olessa.


Raven walked through a crowd of people.

Some were standing still, chit-chatting.

Others were going from Point A to Point B.

All of them were in his way.

He resisted the urge to slash his way through them.

He stayed focused on following the security guard’s directions.

Missy. Missy? Can you hear me? Are you there? Are you alive? Speak to me! Reach back to me! Let me hear your voice inside my head again.

What if she can’t?

What if she’s completely broken?

What if…



He broke into a run.

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