Part 615 – The Wall Of Monitors And What They Revealed

Raven covered his face with his hands. He pushed all of his anger and frustration deep down.

I will deal with it later.

I will beat him into a bloodied mess later.

I will rain hellfire down on his head later.

He uncovered his face.

Right now, I need to find Missy before that low-born imbecile sets all of the guards on us.


Robin reached a deciding point in the hall. Either turn right down the nice, straight hallway or turn left down the hall that curved out of sight.

He extended his claws and turned left.


Isellta left the recovery room and strolled down the hall.

Ah. So many doors.

So many rooms.

So many possible secrets.

Oh, where do I start?

He tried every door he walked past.






His wings flapped happily.

But I can always come back to them.

I can find a way to open them.

Ooo. That door isn’t locked.

It’s open.

Isellta crossed the hall and entered the darkened room.


Raven came to the fork in the hall.

Which way would he go?

No. That does not matter right now.

I need to find her.

I need to focus on finding her.

He clenched his teeth.

If he sets this all to wreck and ruin, he will regret it.

I will make him regret it.

Raven walked down the straight, right hall.


Robin tried to turn every doorknob he walked past.

Each one was locked tight.

He tried forcing them open.

Didn’t succeed at all.

So, he kept walking.


TV monitors lined the entire back wall of the room.

Images flashed on every screen.

Hm. That isn’t too interesting. Nothing I can take and hide.

Isellta started to leave, but the flickering images grabbed his curiosity.

He approached the wall of monitors.

He narrowed his eyes and compared the images on the various screens.

None of them were the same.

Each one was a different place, a different view.




Exhibits of different creatures.


So many rooms.

And hallways.

Where are these places?

What am I looking at?


His wings flared out in shock.

Someone walked down the one hallway.

A man.

His back was to the camera.

He didn’t look up at it.

He probably didn’t even know that it was there.

Isellta didn’t need to see his face.

He recognized the shape of his head, the slight slump of his shoulders.


Where is he?

The man stopped at a door and turned to face it.

Isellta gasped at the sight of the scar running down his face.


His hands trembled as he touched the screen. Robin. I’m here. I’m right here.

Robin turned away from the door and kept walking.

Come back.

Come back.


Look up.

I’m here.

I’m here, Robin.

Robin reached the end of the hallway and turned out of the cameras’ sight.

Isellta sank to the floor.

He covered his face with his hands and tried to sort out the things he was feeling.

But none of it made sense to him.

He bowed his head.

It just doesn’t make sense.

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