Part 611 – Robin In Active Mode

I don’t love him.

I don’t.


Robin saw Isellta’s face.

His soft features.

The way his face lit up when he was happy.

Robin heard the melody of his voice.

“Where we goin’ anyway?”

“Mark Caten’s Funorium.”

“Great. I wanted to go back there.”

Raven looked at him. “Really?”

“Stupid. No.”


Robin contemplated Raven’s profile.

It is a good lookin’ face. I can see why Missy or any other woman would be attracted to him.

Raven glanced at him.

Robin snapped his gaze full forward.

Not that I’m attracted to him. Or to any other man. Why would I? I ain’t like that. “Why are we goin’ back to that God-forsaken place?”

“That is where The Institute is. Where Missy is.”

And one more place where Isellta is not. “You think she’ll be willin’ to come back with you?”

Raven gave him a puzzled glance. “Why wouldn’t she?”

Robin shrugged. “The Institute sounds like a place you send someone to brainwash them.”

Raven’s face paled.

“What? What did I say?”

They entered the bad side of town.

“The Institute…It is a terrible place. I am not sure if they dabble in brainwashing. I don’t know. They do far worse.” His expression hardened. “They play God.”

“And we gotta rescue Missy from them?”

“We must. If we don’t, they’ll destroy her. They’ll destroy everything about her. They’ll steal her voice. They’ll crush her soul.”

Waxin’ a little melodramatic, ain’t he? “Ok. So, they’re the big bad. Fine. How do we take them down?”

Raven stopped walking. “I’m…I’m sorry?”

“We’re gonna take them down.”


Robin scoffed. “What are you? Stupid? Take them down. Blow up the building. Kill everyone in sight. Reduce the place to rubble.” He scowled at Raven’s stunned look. “What? None of this sounds like a good idea to you?”

“I only want to rescue her.”

“And then what? You gonna keep her under lock and key so they don’t come snatchin’ her up again? Brilliant, buddy. Just brilliant.”

“You must understand, sir. I’m a butler. Not a marauder.”

“Oh, stuff your gloves in your dresser. You’re a vampire. With the exception of that one small weak spot, you’re indestructible. So, take advantage of it. Barge into that Institute and get all whack happy. Slash throats. Tear off heads.” He narrowed his eyes. “And quit lookin’ so horrorstuck by my great ideas. It ain’t like you ain’t never  killed anyone before. So, don’t you dare play delicate, sensitive damsel with me.”

“Sir. I…” He sighed. “You must understand.”

“I unnerstand we’re wastin’ time while your girlfriend/lover/whatever you wanna call her is in danger. So, why don’t we shut up and keep movin’?”



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