Part 604 – Alone In The Middle Seat

Barbara’s father returned to the living room and found his daughter in Ambrose’s arms.

Look at them. So in love. Carolyn, do you see? Our little girl isn’t so little anymore. She’s grown into a woman you’d be so proud of.

I’m proud of her.

I wish you were here.

I wish I could hear your voice.

Your laugh.

I wish I could catch a whiff of your perfume. If only for a moment.

When Barbara gets married, be with me. Stand at my side. Let me know that you’re there. I’m not asking for much. Just a touch. One more touch.

And that’s all I want.

One last touch.

I miss you, Carolyn.

Every day.

Every night.

I miss you.

He cleared his throat.

They startled and separated.

“Mr. Addleston.”

“I do have a first name. It’s John.” He approached the loving couple and smiled. “You can call me John.”


Barbara sat in the driver’s seat and John claimed shot gun.

Ambrose sat in the middle seat alone.

He looked at her.

The side of her face.

The will-o-wisps of her hair.

The shape of her coat-covered shoulder.

He had a very limited view.

Too bad I’m not next to her.

My Barbara.

He frowned. How will I tell her about Kevin? Just blurt it out? That would be a lovely way to kill a conversation.

I’ll wait for her to ask.

She looked at him in the mirror. “You’re awfully quiet back there. You okay?”

He looked at her reflection. His fingers ached with the need to touch her.

Does she feel it too?


He nodded. “Just thinking.”

“mm.” She returned her attention to the road.

I wish she’d stay focused on me.

I want her to get lost in my eyes.

I want…

That reminds me.

He pulled out his cell phone and called the STD Clinic. “Hi. Ambrose Smith. Yes. That Ambrose Smith. You can guess why I’m calling. I know that, but I want you to check anyway. Yes, I’ll wait.”

Lord knows I just love waiting.

What if the results are in? What if they’re positive? What if…?

His gaze returned to her.

What if we can’t?

“Yes. I’m still here.” He closed his eyes and struggled to keep his temper. “So, it’s still three to five business days. Lovely. Bye.”

He opened his eyes and put his phone away.

“Still nothing?” asked Barbara.

“Still nothing.”

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