Part 600 – Two Dumped Vampires

Robin woke to the sound of Ambrose leaving.

He sat up and glanced around the room.

Isellta was nowhere in sight.

“Isellta? Hey! ‘sellta, you there? Come on. Reappear. Let me see you again. I won’t yell at you. I promise. Isellta?”

Isellta did not appear nor did he speak.

“Where are you?”

His stomach’s rabid growling pushed him into action.

He got out of bed and quickly got dressed.


Raven woke up.

Something is amiss.

He sat up.


His pupils widened.

She wasn’t there.

He half-tumbled off the creaky cot and searched for her scent.

He found a faint trace of it, leading to the door.

I am surely over-reacting. She went to the lavatory. She went to the kitchen.

Her scent led him past those doors.

It led him to the front door.

He swallowed hard.

She needed fresh air in her lungs.

He opened the door.

She wasn’t there.

His heart sank.

She is gone.

“Hey.” Robin fist bumped Raven in the back.

“She is gone.”


“Missy. She is gone.”

“Is Missy that faint lemon scent?”

He nodded.

“You tried to take a bite?”

Raven shook his head.

Robin sighed. “So, she dumped you for no good reason. Dumb chick.” He zipped up his coat. “Go get your clothes on. I’ll help you hunt her down.”

“There is no need to do so, sir. I believe I know where she is.”

“So? I’ll keep you company.”

Raven gave him a questioning look. “You are alone, sir.”

“Yeah. Story of my life.”

“Did Isellta—”

“Forget about Isellta!”

Raven raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Robin raked his fingers through his hair. “I ain’t innersted in talkin’ about him right now.”


“Besides, what’s there to talk about? He ditched me. So what? Who cares? I don’t. Stupid, cold-hearted fey. He can just…” He hissed a breath between his teeth. “Can we just get out of here?”

“I will go change.”

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