Part 590 – A Vampire’s Longing

Ambrose clenched his teeth as Robin went through another mental screaming spell.

Shut up, Robin.

Shut up.

shut up shut up shut up “SHUT UP!”

Robin stopped screaming and started wailing.

“Graaaahh!” Ambrose covered his head with his pillow, which didn’t do any good.  He could still hear the other vampire’s wail inside his head.

I’m going to pulverize him. Right in the face.

He uncovered his head and punched his pillow repeatedly.

Like this and like that and like—-

His head wobbled and he face-splatted into the pillow. “Uhmm…”

I’ll kill him later.

He closed his eyes.

And he saw her.

Barbara in her pink dress, exuding happiness and excitement.

He smiled.

She’s probably going to get a poof of a dress with like thirty thousand layers of feathers or something really fluffy. She’ll look like a dandelion puff ball.

His smile grew. I’d love to see her in a mermaid dress with every curve accentuated and clearly on display. But I know her. She would never wear something like that. She wouldn’t be comfortable in it.

I can dream, though.


I wish she were here with me.

Talking to me.

Teasing me.

Taunting me with her touch.

Filling my room with her scent until I can almost see its tendrils in the air.


My temptress.

Robin finally shut up.

Ambrose fell asleep.

And he slept.


Robin wiped away his tears.

What’s my problem?

What’s this pain, this ache?

This loneliness?

I don’t love him. I know I don’t.

I don’t.

But this pain, this ache…

His fingers traced the line of his scar again and again and again.

Don’t matter.

I don’t love him.

How could I?


His fingers did one more tracing.

This is al his fault.

So, he’s gone.

So what?

Who cares?

I don’t.

He can go live in fey La La Land.

I hope he does.

I hope he don’t ever come back.

I don’t care.

I don’t.

I don’t care where he is.

Don’t matter to me one bit.

He closed his eyes.

The ache made him draw his knees upward.

Good riddance, Isellta.

The pain made him cry.

Don’t you never come back.

I don’t want you.

Don’t miss you a bit.

He hugged his pillow.

Why ain’t you here?

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