Part 582 – A Queen And Her Subject

Isellta sat in the recovery room all by himself. He wrapped his arms around his chest, but that wasn’t enough to calm down the shivering.


He drew his shoulders inward.

I’m scared.

His wings flared out, but he closed his eyes. He couldn’t bear to see what the fey disablers had done to them.

But he could feel the damage.

The top half of both wings hung down heavy and wrong. The fractured halves pressed down on his ecc lesic nerves.

The pain shot down to his fingertips.

I’m…I’m hurting.

He flattened his wings, but that just made the pain even worse.


Help me.

Find me.


The door to the room opened.

It isn’t Robin.

He kept his eyes closed.

I know it isn’t Robin.


It was a woman’s strong, warm voice.

He opened his eyes and gasped.

A beautiful fey woman stood before him.

A fey with red and silver hair.

He tripped and stumbled out of his bed and knelt before her. “Queen Preyuna.”

She approached him and touched his broken, tattered wings. “Filthy human savages. Was this Mark Caten’s doing?”

He nodded.

“I suppose he had your teleport ability suppressed as well.”

He nodded again.

“Of course.” She walked behind him. “Don’t worry. The day will come. He will pay for all of his misdeeds. I will make sure of it.” She stroked the fractured trec lun bone at the top of his wings.

She sang softly,

“Aish ka hoo
Aish ka nee
Aish ka vee
Ha la ki ni ma neh.”

He winced as the thick bone snapped back into place.

“Aish ka shi
Aish ka sah
Aish ka dah
Ha la ki ni ma heh.”

The cracks filled in. The pain died down.

“Can you do something about my feathers as well?”

“Of course.” Her long, slender fingers ran over the tattered feathers as she sang a different song,

“Ha shi ma ni
Eh col ee sa.
Ha shi ma ni
Eh tol ee da.”

The tattered feathers filled in one by one.

“Ha shi ma ni
Eh dol ee va.
Eh ta li de ehh
da li da.”

He flared out his wings and flapped them strong and hard. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“Thank you for remembering who I am. It has been a long time since anyone has addressed me as Your Majesty.”

Isellta stood. “Can you unlock my teleport ability?”

“I cannot. That is not within my power. What is your name?”

“Isellta Mal Hoven of the Nor’eastern Woods.”

“Isellta Mal Hoven of the Nor’eastern Woods…” A thoughtful expression came over her face. “Do you by chance know Ilstheena Mal Hoven?”

Isellta nodded. “He’s my father.”

Her expression changed into something inscrutable. “Interesting. Would you stay with me until I can exact my revenge on Mark Caten?”

He thought about Robin. “I should go back home.”

“Your home is far away and you cannot teleport to it. And I’m sure he had them put a spell on you to keep you within his borders. If we can take down Mark Caten, our teleporting abilities will return to us. We’ll be free. I am certain of it.”

He flapped his wings again and relished the feel of their intactness, their strength. “What did you have in mind?”

“I have a plan. It will require patience and secrecy. Will you help me?”

“What has he done to you, Your Majesty?”

Hurt shadowed the beauty of her face. “He has no interest or concern in my welfare or my personal happiness. All that matters to him is his own happiness, such as it is. I could tell you what he has done to me, but I cannot. I will not. A Queen should never speak of how she has been shamed, especially to one of her subjects.”

“That makes sense. What will he do with me?”

“I am uncertain. If he hurts you, come to me. Tell me. I will set things right.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

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