Part 542 – Elsie Finds A Familiar Face


Elsie let go of the little girl’s hand and watched her run to her mother.

“Sally!” The mother scooped her up into her arms and hugged her. Where were you, sweetie? I was searching all over for you.”

Elsie smiled.

She’s safe.

“A bad man grabbed me and he—”

Elsie disappeared into the crowd.


Hildreth rubbed away his tears and waited for his body to calm down.

I didn’t do anything and she never actually touched me. But I feel filthy. I am going to take a shower when I get home. I need a shower so bad.

He rose to his feet and returned his Bossman 550 to its back holster.

But the night isn’t over yet.

And she isn’t the only vampire out and about.

Too bad.

I really need a shower.


The crowds thinned out as Elsie left the whole business district behind.

I hope Hildreth stays safe.

I hope he doesn’t get hurt or beaten up or…

Elsie shook her head.

This isn’t his first hunt. He can handle himself. I know he can.

I don’t have to worry about him.

But I can’t help it.

So many things could go wrong. Especially if he gets himself stuck in his thoughts and fails to pay attention—

A vampire rushed out of the shadows and charged at her with open mouth.

She staked him in one quick move.

—to his surroundings.

Her thoughts turned back to that small girl’s arms around her neck. Something inside her softened.

I wonder.

Will our children look more like him or me? Maybe his hair color with my eyes. Maybe they’ll have his warped sense of humor. Maybe there’ll be one or two who have my seriousness.

She imagined him holding their baby in his arms. He will be a good father. I know it.

Elsie laughed softly. “He’ll spoil them rotten. I’ll have to do all of the discipline. The idiot will probably eat their vegetables for them and hate every bite.”

I can’t wait.

She entered the cemetery.

First thing she saw was a familiar white-blonde haired vampire posing on an altar-shaped tombstone. He laid back on his elbows with one knee bent upwards and the other leg lying flat.

He sneezed. “Ngh. Took you long enough. I’ve been waiting here for hours. Ugh.” He flung his head back as if he were posing for a gothic boys calendar or a vampire manga.  She wasn’t fully sure which.

“What are you doing in my cemetery?”

“Your cemet’ry? Yours? Ha!” He looked at her from the corner of his eyes. “I don’t see your name written on the sign.”

“It’s my hunting grounds.”

“And mine too.” Since his posing failed to create any sort of impression on her, he sat up. “Incandesca sent me to find out more about this Ambrose Smith of yours.” He pulled a small, folding brush out of his coat pocket and brushed his long hair. “I’m having no luck. I don’t suppose you could point me in the right direction?”

“I could stake you. How’s that for a right direction?”

“Oh, Marauder. You are so—” He sneezed and rubbed his nose. “Ngh. Anyway, you are so unhelpful.” He brushed his hair 100 times and head swooshed like he were in a shampoo commercial.

“If you’re trying to make me jealous that my hair isn’t as straight as yours, tough on you. It isn’t going to work. I happen to like my unruly hair.”

“I figured as much, considering you haven’t done anything about making it as nice and as perfect and as—”

“You know what? I am going to stake you.” She took a step forward.

He hopped off the other side of the tombstone. “All right! All right!” Sneeze. Sneeze. Nose rub. “Just tell me what I want to know.”

“About Ambrose Smith?” She scoffed. “I know he isn’t worth talking about.”

“So, he’s an old lover of yours. Okay.”

She glared at him.

“What else?”

“What else? Well.” She strolled towards the tombstone. “I’ll tell you.”

He sneezed several times in a row.

She jumped on top of the tombstone and kept on coming.

Sneezer glanced around as if trying to find a shield or something.

She jumped off the other side. “You want to know more about Ambrose Smith?”

He backed away from her until he bumped into a eight foot tall angel statue.

She grabbed him by his coat front. “Look him up on the internet.”


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