Part 541 – Elsie Wants This, But Hildreth Doesn’t Want This

Elsie ran full speed at the vampire and slammed her fist into his face.

“Uhh?” He stopped what he was doing to look at her, but Elsie wasn’t finished with him yet.

She went into full berserker mode, pummeling and kicking him.

He released the little girl, who slumped into a sobbing huddle. He growled and gave Elsie a back-handed slap across the face.

She returned that slap with a fist full of vengeance.

He grabbed a whole chunk of her hair.

She kicked him hard right where she knew it would hurt.

And it hurt.

He dropped to his knees. “You wench!”

“I’ve been called worse things.” She staked him and down he fell.

She walked over to the girl and knelt beside her. “Hey. Are you all right?”

The girl raised her head and glanced around.

“Don’t worry. That bad man is dead. He can’t hurt you now.”

“You made him dead?”


She threw her arms around Elsie’s neck and sobbed her small heart out.

Elsie hugged her. Something inside of the hunter came to life. Something she had never considered. Never had the time or desire to really consider.

I want this.

I want to feel my child’s arms around my neck. My child and Hildreth’s child. An amazing blending of genes and chromosomes into one precious life.

She kissed the girl’s head. “Let’s go find your mommy, okay?”

As she walked through the crowd with the girl’s hand safe in her hand, Elsie thought of Hildreth and smiled.


She shoved Hildreth against the alley wall.

In his mind, her hands were all over him, touching his bare skin in ways and places Elsie had yet to do. He leaned his head back. “Uhh. Uhh. Uhh.”

He splayed his hands on the wall.

His eyes drifted to half-mast. His fingers curled. His knees grew weak.

“Elsie. Elsie.”

“Elsie.” Her image came into his mind. Elsie with her thick, frizzy black hair.

I don’t want this.

Gabby’s images jolted and stuttered.

I don’t want her.

Gabby’s images flickered.

Elsie. I want Elsie.

Gabby’s images dulled into static.

Hildreth opened his eyes as she was unzipping his coat. “Sorry. But, like I said before, I am engaged.” He head-bashed her.

She staggered back, stunned.

He pulled out his Bossman 550 and aimed it at her. For a small second, he saw her as the girl on the train – just a bit of air fluff with an obviously dirty mind.

He felt sorry for that girl.

She no longer existed.

She rubbed her forehead. “Now, that was just sooo uncalled—”

He saw his opening.

He pulled the trigger.

Her pupils widened in shock.

Her body hit the ground and went still.

Hildreth sank down to his knees.

He bowed his head and cried for the life that a vampire had ended. The same life he had ended.



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