Part 540 – Two Harassed Hunters

Elsie mentally cringed.

Nearly everyone was out and about on the streets.

People kept bumping into her. Three pickpockets tried to pick on her pockets. Five guys tried to hit on her. Fourteen men and one woman whistled and cat-called her. Unfortunately, no one in that fourteen plus one group were vampires.

So, she had to grit her teeth and ignore them.

Why aren’t any of these people home? Don’t they realize what time it is? Don’t they know there are vampires lurking about? Don’t they have any idea that—

A guy snuck up behind her and pinched her bottom.

She spun around and punched him.

“Waah?” He staggered back, clasping his face.

She glared at him. “You try that again, I’ll break your wrists. And, trust me, I know how to do it.”

“What are you, a member of The Warriors Club or something?”

“Or something. Get lost.”

“Well. Now, that I’ve seen your face, you’re not worth the bother.” He stuck his tongue out at her and walked away.

She stomped her foot. “LOOK WHO’S TALKING!”

Someone screamed.

A loud, frightened scream.

Elsie pulled two stakes out of her wrist belt and ran towards the scream.


Hildreth strode through the crowd, watching and listening for anything out of the ordinary.

Everyone bustled around him. Each person wrapped up in their separate worlds of hopes and losses, dreams and neurosis, loves and hates. No one stood out in that wrong way that vampires often did.

Maybe it will be a quiet night for a change.


He saw her.

Tiffany/Gabby from the train.

She was not with her girl cadre.

She stood alone with her back against a darkened store front.

His heart sunk as he noticed the way she scanned the crowd.

She was not watching for her friends to appear.

She was waiting for the right person to come.

She was watching the prey pass her by.

She turned her head.

She saw him.

She smiled.


Elsie turned the corner.

She found a vampire holding a small child up against the wall. The little girl couldn’t have even been six years old yet.

Her feet were miles off the ground and she was too frightened to do anything more than scream.

“Shut up, maggot.” He lowered his mouth to her small neck.

Elsie’s anger took over.

She charged at him.


Tiffany/Gabby strutted over to him in her thigh-high, high-heeled boots. “Well. Look who’s here. Mr. Oh, I’m sorry, but I’m engaged. I don’t see any significant other.”

“She’s on the other side of town, kicking vampire tailsides.” Hildreth shrugged. “It’s what she does. It’s what I do.”

“Ohhh, and you think you can take me down with all of these people watching.”

“I could say the same thing about you.”

“Well. Unlike you, I’m subtle. I’ve learned how to be. It isn’t easy being a vampire. I hope you know that. So much trouble, so much ugh! But I’ve learned a few tricks to get what I want.”

“If you start stripping in the street—”

“Oh, puhlease. Even I’m not that tacky. No, it’s kind of a neat trick.” She laid her hands along the side of his face.

She smiled.

He gasped as all manner of perverse thoughts and desires assaulted his mind. come. come. come. co—

He stumbled away from her and bumped into a seedy looking guy with a worn out suitcase. The guy glared at Hildreth and pushed him.

Hildreth fell forward onto his hands and knees, panting. His vision stretched and blurred.

Tiffany/Gabby stepped in front of him. “So, come.”

He stood and followed her.

He couldn’t help it.


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