Part 530 – Isellta Wants To Understand

Isellta peeked under Raven’s bed.

“Wow. So clean. So very clean.”

He sat up with a happy wing flap.

Raven is the best human I’ve met.

So orderly.

So sensible.

So clean.

If he weren’t a vampire, I’d wonder if he were fey.

He stood.

I need to find him. I need to tell him just how great he is.

But first.

He teleported back to Robin’s room.

Robin was completely unconscious.

Isellta sighed.

Then, there’s him. He is easily the most confusing human I know.

Olessa made sense to me. She was awful and cruel and heartless, but she made sense to me. She was consistent. She was clear.

Robin isn’t clear at all. He’s always changing. Mad at me one minute. All soft and apologetic the next. What am I supposed to think? What am I supposed to expect? Where is his sense of consistency?

I don’t understand him.

I don’t know if I ever will.

He approached the bed and looked down at the sleeping vampire.

Olessa’s been gone for too many days.

When is she coming back?

What if she isn’t coming back?

What will I do?

What will happen to Robin?

His wings flared out as he realized something important.

This is an opportunity.

I have to take it.

Isellta entered Robin’s cell.

What if she comes in?

What if she catches me in the act?

What will I say?

What will I do?

What will she do?

What will she do to me?

What can she do to me? I am fey. I can’t be hurt.

But she will try. She will find a way to keep me from teleporting away from her. She will find a way to hurt me. She found a way to hurt him.

Isellta approached Robin, who was shivering.

It doesn’t matter what she does to me.

I have to help him.

He unfastened Robin’s muzzle and attached it into the wall. “Robin.”

The vampire opened his one good eye and struggled to focus on Isellta.

“It’s all right.” He removed the shackles from Robin’s wrists, neck, and ankles.

Robin crumpled to the floor and lay there, shivering hard and moaning.

Isellta stroked his back. “It’s all right. I’m going to get you out of here, but we’ll have to take the secret passageway. Just in case.”

I did that for him.


Because he was hurt.

So? Why did that matter?

It mattered because…well. He was hurting. She wouldn’t stop hurting him. She didn’t understand.


That isn’t true.

She understood.

She could see.

She didn’t care.

So, I had to help him. I had to help him get away from there.

But why?

He’s a vampire.

He’s a human.

He’s no better or any worse than any other vampire or human.

Why did his hurting bother me so much?

Well…because. He was hurting. That’s why.

What other reason would there be?

Should there be another reason?

Isn’t that reason enough?

Am I missing something?

He scrutinized the vampire’s face as if the answer would be hidden in his eyebrows or stretched across his lip line.

Thick brown messy hair.

That scar.

One ruined eye. One brown eye.

Strong jawline.

Definitely not effeminate looking.

I am missing something.

It’s there.

Right there.

Something I should see.

Something I should know.

Something that would be obvious to a human, but not to me.


What is it?

I wonder if Raven would know.

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