Part 528 – Dummy Fighting And Dancing

Isellta stacked the letters into a tight pile and retied the whole lot with the black and red ribbon. He pulled the ribbon into a perfect bow. It didn’t quite match how Raven had tied it, but Isellta didn’t care about that.

My bow is much nicer.

He put the letters into the box and returned the box to its closet home.

“Well. That was interesting.” He did a happy wing flutter. “Let’s see what else I can get into.”


Elsie ran on automatic as she pummeled her punching dummy. Her thoughts moved from subject to topic to Hildreth.

The touch of his hands.

The love in his kiss.

His demented sense of humor.

She punched the dummy’s face.

I love him.

I love him so much I could just beat him up.

So, why does he still feel so threatened by Ambrose?


How could someone like him be so insecure?

She thought about Ambrose.

Okay. I can see why.

But he shouldn’t.

Ambrose and I…

She punched the dummy fast and hard in its stomach.

It was never meant to be.

Ambrose will always be my enemy. The heat we shared…the fire…It’s all gone now. I have Hildreth. Ambrose has Barbara or whatever dimpled darling he’s slutted and shacked up with since I last saw him.

And I’m sure there have been many dimpled darlings.

The slut.

Her phone rang.

She punched the dummy in the throat before answering her phone.

“Hello? Yes. This is Elsie Vansing.”

Her face lit up.

“They’re ready? Thank you! I’ll be there.”


Hildreth turned on the Dixie Chicks’ first album and smiled as the first song started to play. “Good stuff.”

He picked up his Bossman 550 and walked up to his idea of a shooting range.

Fifty-nine punching dummies lined the wall before him. Each dummy was connected to the ceiling by a metal pole as if they were human bumper cars. The floor was a sheet of unglossed pine, giving the range an unfinished look.

Hildreth pressed a couple of buttons on the computer panel in front of the range.

The dummy straight ahead of him rushed forward in an erratic pattern.

Hildreth hummed along to the music as he aimed his weapon at the moving target.




He pulled the trigger.

The dummy stopped and retreated to the wall.

The next dummy jumped into motion and the next and the next. They swerved in and out of each other’s path, flailing their fluff-stuffed arms like energetic zombies.

One. Two. Three.

One. Two. Three.

One. Two. Three.

They returned to the wall.

And his thoughts turned to Elsie.

I love her.

I love her so much.

Her fire.

Her passion.

Her awesome hair.

I love that she loves me.

Four more dummies rushed forward and he dispatched them in time to the music.

I love that she wants me.

And I want her.

He smiled.

Master Shinowa would probably toss me across the room for thinking too much. But I can’t help it.

I love her.


He dispatched the next group of six.


His smile grew as he remembered Master Initskay’s advice.

He shut down the program and the dummies went back into alignment against the wall.

He set his weapon on a nearby table.

He held out his arms – one curved at waist height, the other at just the right height to hold someone’s hand.

He closed his eyes and waltzed to the sound of banjoes and fiddles.

One two three and one two three and one two—

A hand slid into his hand.

A body snugged into his embrace.

He opened his eyes and Elsie was there.

He grinned and so did she.

Neither one spoke, for there was no need to do so.

Hildreth stopped counting in his head and he just focused on her and the rhythm of the dance.

Their bodies moved together with ease and grace.

He whispered in her ear, “You make me feel like I’m Fred Astaire.”

“You aren’t, you know.”


“You’re better than that.” The cd ended and they stopped. “You’re Hildreth Mayhew.”


3 thoughts on “Part 528 – Dummy Fighting And Dancing”

    1. Thank you! 😀

      I really liked writing this whole chapter, especially their dance. I’ve been wanting to give them a dance scene ever since Hildreth had his solo dance at Master Shinowa’s dojo. 🙂

      And yes. Hildreth has an armory and a shooting range in his house. 😀 His house is awesome. Mm-hmm.

      Liked by 1 person

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