Part 525 – The Last Letter

“Home with…you? Do you mean your home?”

“Yes. I will protect you. I will keep you safe.” His face grew warm as he realized the inappropriateness of his offer. “I will be a gentleman and I will treat you as the lady you are.”

“Me? A lady? Well, I’m hardly that.”

“You are.”

Something in the air changed between them. Raven could feel it.

Can she feel it too?

“It’s a wonderful gesture. A very romantic gesture, for sure, but you don’t know me.”

“I know you’ve been hurt. I know you have been viewed as something to play God on.”

‘You don’t know all of it.”

“Then, tell me.”

She glanced back at the Funorium.

“Missy. Please tell me. Tell me everything.”

She smiled at him, but the smile was only on her lips, not in her eyes. “It isn’t something I can tell you. I can show you. But no! I shouldn’t show him. It will be like Fresno. It will be just like Fresno! Stupid Fresno.”

A wave of dizziness crashed over him.

The pavement suddenly rose up and smacked him in the face. He rolled his head against it.

His world turned into a gray snowglobe turned upside down. The snow was falling up into the sky, but still somehow landing on his face.

On his eyes.

On his lips.

Into his open mouth.

He closed his eyes.

Arms wrapped around his chest.

It was a lovely feeling.

He smiled.

May Rose.

At last.


“May Rose. No. I shouldn’t address you so informally. Not anymore.

Mrs. Vansing.

I am broken.

I am torn asunder.

Yet, my heart beats on and I yet breathe. I move. I talk. I perform my expected duties and I perform them to the utmost of my abilities.

I feel dead.

I ought to be dead.

For you are Miss Farlington no more.

You are Mrs.Charles Vansing.

You are forevermore out of my reach.

My heart aches.

I am broken.

May Rose.

I love you still.


Isellta puzzled over the words. It was all written in a language he could read, but could never understand. He traced his fingers over the faded ink as if that were the key to understanding it.

So much emotion.

But…what does it all mean?

He moved his finger slowly over the last sentence.


I love you.

What does that mean?

Is it a good thing?

Seems like something that hurts.

So, then.

It’s a bad thing.

Must be.

He flipped through the other letters and puzzled over key sentences.

I wish I could kiss you.



What is that?

Is it like love?

He wishes for it.

So, it’s a good thing.

Whatever it is.

He sighed.

I wish someone would explain these things to me.


Raven slept for five hours straight.

All of his dreams were of her.

May Rose Farlington.

None of them were memories.

They were all very good dreams.


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