Part 476 – Barbara On Her Own

Kevin frowned. “Never bit before. Certainly not as human. How do I do it? Can’t bite neck. Dirty vampire gimmick. Where do I bite?”

No one’s going to come bursting in to rescue me. I’m completely on my own.

But what can I do?

I could try to fight him off. But that would just trigger him into pinning me down and biting me.

If I try to run, it will trigger him to chase me and bite me.

Sounds like no matter what I do, he’s going to be triggered and bite me.

Maybe he’ll listen to reason?

“Kev. I don’t want to become a werewolf. I’m happy as I am. Don’t force me to change. Please.”

“Could biteย wrist. Wrist not vampire ground.”ย  He lowered his arms and took hold of her hand.

“Kev, please. You don’t want to do this to me.”

He pulled up her sleeve.

“Please!” Her heart pounded too hard. “Don’t!”

Kevin saw the matching white marks on her skin. He gave her an alarmed look. “Vampire! Vampire mark!”


“You know?”


He frowned. “You told vampire yes.”

“He was hungry. I couldn’t. I couldn’t.”

“You couldn’t refuse him. You can refuse me.”

“He wasn’t trying to change me.”

His shoulders sunk. He released her hand. “What do I do? You marry him, I lose you. What do I do, Barbara?”

I could tell him the usual fluff lines about there being other fishes and being young and…

She thought about Ambrose. What if he told me that he was happily engaged to someone else? What would I do? “I don’t know. I don’t know what you should do.”

“Love you.”

Why does this have to be so hard?

“Will always love you, Barbara Addleston. Even when I’m no longer me.”

Her heart hurt as she thought of him losing his humanity and never regaining it. She hugged him.

Kevin must have sensed that this was no lovey-dovey hug. He didn’t return her hug at all. He stood with downcast shoulders and sorrowful eyes.

“Vampire proposed?” he asked softly.


“You said yes?”

“Yes.” She released him.

“You want to marry mean bloodsucking vampire? Really?”

She giggled. “Put it that way and it sounds a little bit nuts. But yes. One hundred percent really absolutely yes.”

“But not me.”

“I’m sorry.”

He walked past her and went outside.

She considered closing the door and returning to her game, but she felt like something more needed to be said. Or done.

She pushed the door open. “Kev, why don’t you come in for a bit? If I know you, you walked the whole way here.”

“I did.”

“Let me fix you a cup of hot chocolate.”

He looked back at her with undisguised hope.

“Nothing has changed and nothing will. Just think of this as my way of trying to make it up to you.”


“Of course.”

“Colored ones?”

“A whole bag.”

He grinned a wide, happy grin and followed her back into the house.


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