Part 474 – I Want It That Way!

As she drove home, Barbara had the tempting thought of stopping to see Ambrose.

He’d be asleep.

His face buried in his pillow.

His lovely, handsome face.

She plowed straight through a stop sign and a red light.

I want to see him again.

Even if he doesn’t wake up.

Even if he just stays asleep.

I want to touch him.

Stroke his hair.

Kiss his face.

A skinny red squirrel just narrowly missed being smacked dead by her right wheels.

“I want…”

She did stop at the next red light.

What? What do I want?

She smiled.

I want to come home to him every day and see him all curled up in my bed.

The light turned green, got bored, and jumped back to red.

I want to wake up in his arms. Such a thought made her blush a little.

I want to marry him.

The light turned green again.

She resumed her journey home.


Kevin got out of the shower, singing Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”.  He shuffed his long bangs out of his face and bobby-pinned them. “Ain’t nothin’ but a buh-buh. Tell me why. Ain’t nothing but a shoo-bop. Tell me why. I never wanna hear you say, na na na that way.”

He got dressed and looked at himself in the mirror. “Lookin’ so good. Clean. Barbara be so proud. Maybe take back.”

He nodded at his reflection. Barbara will take back.

No doubt.

He left the bathroom and headed out the front door.

Oh. Still cold.

He retreated into the house and put on his boots and coat.


He left the house.

Barbara will take me back for sure this time.

He closed the door and walked down the road.


Barbara hung up her coat and closed the closet door.

Well. Today’s my day off. It’s daytime. So, I can’t hang out with Ambrose. I have to wait until tonight to talk to the priest. And Kevin isn’t home. And I don’t need to do any shopping.

She shrugged.  Really, there’s only one thing to do.

Have Luke fon Fabre blow up Akzeriuth.


She settled down in her living room and plugged in her Playstation 2 game “Tales of the Abyss.”

Time fell away as she leveled up her characters.

And, soon enough, Luke blew up Akzeriuth. It was inevitable. It had to happen in order for his character to change for the better.

Barbara hated it.

Especially when all of his teammates turned against him and talked trash right to his face. They all pretty much said the same thing: “Luke. You are a terrible human being and a freaking moron to boot.” Only Mieu was on his side and Luke didn’t even like Mieu.

She hated it so much.

Every single time.

Someone knocked on the door.

She put her game on pause and answered the door.

Kevin smiled bright and happy. “Hi!”


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