Part 473 – Don’t Leave! He’s Right There!

Barbara stayed a while at her dad’s place, hoping to delay the unpleasant inevitable.

But she knew she couldn’t put it off forever.

It needed to be done.

Kevin needed to know that their friendship could never become more than just that.

She said good-bye to her dad and got in her car.

Barbara tried to think of the kindest possible way to break it to him. The right words that would make him be okay with it.

She started her car.

Those words didn’t exist.

Her engagement was going to hurt him bad. Nothing she could say or do would make it easier for him to take.

I wish.

She thought of her mother.

Carolyn Addleston.

Vibrant energy.

Bright smile.

Joyous laugh.

Amber honey colored hair.

Cancer victim.

I wish you were here, mom.


She parked her car and walked up to Kevin’s front door.

A note was taped to the door. A note written in a child-like scrawl.

“Am out for week. werewolf. sorry see u next week. Kev.”

She sighed. “Isn’t that my luck?”


The werewolf stayed low.

He watched her walk up to the door, read the note, speak, and return to her car.

She walked right past him and she never even noticed.

Of course, the evergreen bushes did a good job hiding him.

But she never even noticed.

She got into her car.

Closed the door.

Backed out of the driveway.

She left.

He crept out of the bushes and slunk out onto the street.

His tail hung straight down as he watched her car disappear around the corner.

He raised a front paw with the intent to chase her down.

But that familiar body ache came over him. It started at the base of his neck and radiated down his spine and into his ribcage.

He hurried to the dog door and slipped inside before his transformation could really grab a hold of him.

He rushed upstairs to his room, his body slung low to the ground like a dog that’s been kicked. He jumped up on the bed and lay as flat as his animal body could go.

The werewolf whimpered as the ache became a full out pain in all of his muscles and bones and hair.

He knew it wouldn’t last long.

But it always felt like it took too long. Every time.

His head and face was the last part to transform.

Kevin sighed with relief that it was all over. He sat up and almost shook himself out. Then, he remembered.

“Oh. Human.” He scratched the back of his head, after making sure he used his hand instead of his foot. He had learned the hard way long ago that human feet made poor headscratchers.

He hopped off the bed and strolled into the bathroom to take a shower.

He pulled his shirt off and grinned a wide grin. “Get to see Barbara again.”

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