Part 472 – Happy Omelet Eaters

Her father came over to her and kissed her head. “That’s all I needed to know.” He looked at her ring, truly noticing it this time. “It’s beautiful.”

She hugged him.

He closed his eyes.

If only her mother were here.

“Thank you.” She released him and he opened his eyes. “It means so much to me.”

Carolyn would be so proud of her. “Have you had lunch yet?”

“Nope. Not even breakfast.”

“Have a seat. I’ll make you an omelet.”

“No onions?”

He smiled. “Not even one.”


Barbara stabbed a egg-covered potato with her fork. Her thoughts teetered between having the big talk with the priest later and giving Kevin the news that would ruin his day.

I’m not sure which one makes me more nervous.

She put the potato in her mouth.

Well. At least, I can take care of Kevin first. So…”Have you seen Kevin lately?”

“Hm?” He shrugged. “I haven’t been actively looking for him. Why?”

“I need to tell him about my engagement.”

“I could tell him if you want.”

“No. I appreciate it, but no. He needs to see me say it or he won’t believe it. He’s always been that way.”

Her heart ached for him.

He used to be that way. Now…I don’t know.

“You know, when you told me about Kevin being a werewolf, I—”

“You kind of freaked out.”

He laughed. “But you talked me down. I met him and I thought he was a pretty good guy, despite him being a werewolf. Then, you broke up with him and…” He smiled guiltily. “I kind of hoped you’d meet a nice, decent non-extraordinary.”

“I kind of hoped that too. Then, Ambrose came around.”

“And you couldn’t resist.”

“I can’t say that I really tried.”

They’ll fell into a happy omelet-eating silence.

He stopped and looked at her.


“I just realized I have no idea how to go about planning a wedding. I know you need a wedding dress, he needs a tuxedo, and obviously wedding rings. Other than that, I’m clueless. I just wish.”

“I know. I wish it too.”

He lowered his gaze to his plate and stabbed the last potato with his fork. It was exceptionally soft. So, it just fell apart. “She would have been over her own head with happiness.”

“Do you think she would have liked Ambrose?”

He gave up on spearing the potato. He carried his plate to the sink.

She ate the last bit of egg on her plate.

He took a deep breath and sighed. “I think she would have liked him a lot.”



5 thoughts on “Part 472 – Happy Omelet Eaters”

  1. Very nice chapter. This kind of gets me in the feels because by the time I married, both my parents were gone. So I can strongly identify with the missing mother in this chapter. Very well written and a great look at the father daughter relationship. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I enjoy writing these quiet one-on-one character moments. No one’s in peril. No one’s fighting. It’s just a nice quietly revealing moment.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your parents. That must have been hard.

      Liked by 1 person

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