Part 471 – Talk With Dad (The Barbara Edition)

Barbara ended the call with a smile on her face.

It’s weird.

No. Not weird, just strange. I never, ever dreamed that I’d get engaged to a vampire.

She giggled. Sounds like a 1980’s Mike Myers comedy flick- “So? I’m Engaged To A Vampire.”

Maybe I’m odd, but I never even had fantasies about that sort of thing. Not even when I was with…




I have to break the news to Kevin.

She got out of bed and changed her clothes.

I’ll tell Dad first.


Barbara parked the car in his driveway and walked up to the front door. I can do this. He isn’t going to freak out. He’s going to be happy for me.

I can do this.

She opened the front door and went inside.

I am mighty. Hear me roar! Rawr.


She heard the sounds of dishes being put away.

She entered the kitchen.

He was unloading the dishwasher, lost in his own thoughts.

“Hi, Dad!”

He turned around with a dinner plate in his hand. “Morning, sunshine. What are you up to today?”

“Umm. I have something I need to tell you. Something I want to show you.”

He put the plate back into the dishwasher and came over to her. “What’s wrong?”


His eyebrows dipped into a frown.

“No! I mean, he hasn’t done anything wrong. Complete opposite, in fact.” She held out her hand.  The emeralds shined in the light. “We’re engaged.”

Worry showed clear on his face. “He didn’t pressure you into it or mind trick you into it, did he?”


“This is what you want?”


“Are you sure? He is a vampire. He could snap. He could hurt you in so many ways. I still remember how he made you cry. It broke my heart, because I didn’t know how to make it right. Do you really want to marry him?”

“I do. Oh, daddy. I do. I love him so much. Yes, he is a vampire. Yes, he has a ton of faults. But I want to marry him.”

“Think carefully before you jump into this. Are you sure this isn’t just a fling on his part? Are you sure it isn’t blind infatuation on yours?”

She smiled. “After everything he and I have gone through up to this point, I can easily say yes. I am sure. I know he will make me happy and I will make him happy. I want this so much.”

His expression softened. “I just don’t want you to make a mistake you can never undo. Marriage is forever, Barbara.  It is a sacred thing and it is a lot of work. The two of you may love each other, but it isn’t going to be all flower-filled boat rides on the Seine. There will be disagreements. There will be hurt feelings and annoying behaviors you just haven’t noticed yet. And, keep in mind, he is a vampire. He will leave you at night and go trailing after other people. Other women, most likely than not. Do you really think you can live with that?”

Barbara sat down at the kitchen table.

Different time lines.

Different time schedules.

Can I live like that?

He didn’t prod her. He waited silently for her answer.

But he will always come back to me. I know he will. And I’m not being delusional about this.

I know.

She thought of all of their partings and returnings.

The exuberant joy of his embrace.

“He will always come back to me.” She smiled at her father. “And I will always welcome him home.”



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